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What is Photo Facial on Hands

Hello, I went to a local "spa laser center" hoping to see someone who had done - successfully - her age spots on hands and lower arms, but they convinced me to start... READ MORE

Is There One Laser Treatment to Treat Multiple Skin Problems?

One laser (or IPL) alone ok to remove 3 different things? Can one laser (or IPL) alone cover: age spots, spider veins and wrinkles on hands? Or it's a different laser for... READ MORE

Would Lip Wrinkles Affect Permanent Makeup Results?

About cosmetic dermatology: I want to have a Permanent makeup on my lips. But I'm an older lady and I have wrinkles surrounding my lips, they are little vertical lines all... READ MORE

Is Juvederm Effective for Deep Nasolabial Lines?

Consulted with hospital cosmetic clinic to take Juvederm injections for deep nasolabial lines, and finer lines/wrinkles around mouth including lip's short/vertical lines. I was... READ MORE

Will Dry Needling Produce New Collagen in an 83 Yo Female?

Is it possible that an 83 year old taking this treatment NOT see her collagen stimulated as she hasn’t enough of it? I understand it takes from 3 to 10 treatments at a... READ MORE

How would an elderly person's skin take Botox?

Would the skin of an 86 year old woman successfully take Botox on the frown lines to start with (then will probably want to expand). This lady is very healthy in general and... READ MORE

Where does remaining skin of shortened nose go?

Lady in her late 80's wishes to shorten her nose (besides other nose improvements). If this is possible, where does the remaining skin go??? I was told by a plastic surgeon on... READ MORE

What's the longest in terms of months I can wait between my medical clearance and my surgery?

I had all blood/other medical clearance done for my plastic surgery about a month ago and I'm worried I may need to do it all over again since I haven't yet found the... READ MORE

SMAS, composite, or deep plane rhytidectomy?

I read various articles on these methods and wonder which of these might best apply to an 87 year old woman in excellent health and active. Just lifting the skin obviously... READ MORE

I learned of Laser Resurfacing AND Dermabrasion. Which one is best? :o)

I have typical octogenarian wrinkles all around the mouth...I don't like needles so fillers are out. I learned Laser Resurfacing isn’t very thorough, but, it only takes one w... READ MORE

From a ridiculous extreme long/upward nose, to the other extreme ridiculous long/downward/wide nose (photo)

My 3d nose revision...devastated! (At same time: face, neck & lip lifts, fine!). See pre/post op photos plus 2 nose models I gave to surgeon as guidance. But nose is now much... READ MORE

Why all this mystery about not being able to shorten a very long nose?

I have a long, downward, and wide (flat at the 3rd part of the nose almost touching the lip) done about 4 months ago but my dr. says he can't make it shorter. Said he can try... READ MORE

Is it true that red eyes can be made white again, as in this picture?

I hope for the white of the eyes as in the picture here: For decades my various ophthalmologists answered they can't do... READ MORE

Question to Dentists/Prosthodontists: Could someone give me an approximate of how much a dentist charges for fixing this in NYC?

I have a full upper denture and a front tooth came off while eating. It may have come out clean, or it broke from the plastic gum. Could someone give me an approximate idea of... READ MORE

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Watch it bobin, don't make it long, with years it will become longer still. You are a very young and most beautiful woman. Your nose is very nice, feminine, and perfect for your lovely small face! Remember also, each time (and you... READ COMMENT

I can see why you were successful! Your eyeliner tattoo is only 2 months old. I think for older tattoos it is that no laser or other means can help, and at most they'll leave a shadow. So in the case of too high tattooed eyebrows, it... READ COMMENT

Could you, maybe, send me the direct link to that page please? Thanks again! READ COMMENT

Thank you very much I'll need it! Going to Omaha, NE and I'm so double nervous because of the travel. I hope for you to not having to do anything anymore to your nose now that you have a beautiful one. Noses are so complicated and so... READ COMMENT

Thanks JS78, I did and saw all your reviews on your rhinoplasty not any photos besides the only two photos. But it's ok so long as you are happy with your new nose! Enjoy!!! :o) READ COMMENT