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Please Do Not Do This ....you Will Regret It! - Florida

Upper Eyelid Only (thank goodness!) Immediately after surgery my brow (yes brow) drooped terribly and I was unable to look upwards due to issues with the underlying muscles - once the swelling wend down I am able to pull my eyes upward ..but to this day I still cannot look up fully...looks like I'm sad/drunk!)I now have to pluck my eyebrows until they are almost gone and pencil in fake... READ MORE

Complete Loss of Sensation & Terrible Scars

Went from a 36DDD to a 36D (wanted to be a 36C). Emotional "pain" of no longer having nipple sensation and the scarring that the procedure left made this totally not worth it.My comment to anyone consitering this procedulre is to think long and hard about what you are giving up before going under the knife. I would give anything for my larger breast with feeling if I could turn... READ MORE

Questions from LG123

Concerned About Drooping Brow and Inability to Make Eyes Look Up After Eyelid Surgery.

It has been 2 weeks and I am still unable to look up after upper eyelid surgery(cannot pull eyeball to look upward with muscles no matter how hard I try). From day one, my brow... READ MORE

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A year later I still do not have any nipple sensation; it never returned. The scars are still quite visable on my fair skin and are a constant reminded of my mistake. I sincerely hope those reading the "not worth it" posts consider... READ COMMENT

I also had horrid results from my surgery about 8 months ago and my heart goes out to you and all the others you share our fate. ..and thank you for sharing your stories. I went to a very reputable surgeon and still had a terrible... READ COMMENT

Andrianna, I too have the same issue as you experience with looking strange and seeing blurry when I look up. I also cannot acutally look up as high as I used to. I also look sad all the time now and I wish I had paid closer attention... READ COMMENT

The surgeon (supposedly) had done over 1000 blepharoplasty's. I need a correction but cannot afford it. It will be years before I can save enough. I am heartbroken every time I look in the mirror ...or try to look up and am reminded... READ COMMENT