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Anyone going to Tijuana for surgery May13-21?..trying to get the discount rate at Beauty Care Recovery House. Please let me know. READ COMMENT

First of all, if you had any common sense you would know the difference in the look of Nicki Minaj and Jax. There is nothing fake looking about Jax's ass..coming on this site and hating! you don't know this woman..and FYI you... READ COMMENT

Oh wow..that makes sense. I think I will try that. Hopefully it works for me. Thank you so much for your advice cuz I will be leaving after day 8 and I'm not trying to mess up my very expensive investment, lol! READ COMMENT

Hi Flo624, you look great. I too am traveling to FL for my BBL from up MA. May I ask how was your flight home? I will be flying non-stop for 2hr 40min. Was it uncomfortable or did you stand during your flight? Your advice will really... READ COMMENT