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My Ultherapy Experience - Will Be Updated Periodically - Fort Myers, FL

I decided to have this done to see if it would tighten the skin and help with the wrinkling I get under my eyes when I smile. I only had this done around my eyes, which is why the price was a lot lower. So let me just start with, this HURTS. I did not expect it to be so intense and at one point started crying and we had to stop. I took a valium and some motrin and we resumed. I had to stop... READ MORE

Honest, Trustworthy Doctor - Fort Myers, FL

Reduce wrinkling and sagging skin under eyes. READ MORE

Fraxel - Bad Results - Bad Skin Texture

I "thought" I had really did my homework on this before having it done. I saw all the amazing before and after pictures on this site and thought this would help with some fine lines on my face. I had 2 treatments done. It hurts really bad but I thought, no pain no gain. Well my skin has a very bad texture to it now. It's not like I look horribly disfigured from just looking at... READ MORE

Perlane Under Eyes - Not What I Had Hoped for

I had this done in the area under my eyes to help with the fat pads underneath. It helped a little, but now I have a line under one eye and the other still looks like a bag. I went back for my 2 week check up and she says that it was done correctly and that I look alot better. I'm not sure but I think I might go get the line under my eye disolved. I had a little more filler put... READ MORE

Questions from Jaylyn2414

Will Botox Help Wrinkles That Appear Only when I Smile?

I have big wrinkles under my eyes and on my cheeks, but only when I smile. Otherwise my skin looks pretty smooth. Will botox help this? Will botox help wrinkles that appear... READ MORE

How to Repair Skin Damaged by Fraxel Laser?

I believe 100% that the fraxel laser made my skin worse. It has large holes, tiny lines, and some parts look like an orange peel. I had 2 treatments of the 6 I was told I... READ MORE

I Have Lupus, Is It Safe For Me To Receive Under Eye Fillers?

I had filler done under my eyes, which left a noticable bump under one eye. It's been a year and I went to a dermatologist to see about getting some more done to fix it,... READ MORE

What Type of Doctor is Most Qualified to Inject Filler Under the Eyes?

I realize that many doctors can be qualified to inject fillers, but what type of doctor would be the best qualified? I had perelane injected under my eyes over a year ago that... READ MORE

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Not yet. They said it takes 3-6 months for the full effect to be seen so I'm waiting a bit to take them. READ COMMENT

Thanks! I'm doing much better now. :) READ COMMENT

I did, but felt I wasn't affected enough that I thought a judge would be sympathetic. Also I couldn't take the stress of it, I was already too upset and depressed. READ COMMENT

I believe this machine probably does help some people with maybe acne scarring or certain conditions but I don't think it should be used on the general public for anti-aging because the risk of the negative of fax is too great . ... READ COMMENT

You can apply for Care Credit, they have interest free financing for medical and dental. I use it for my cosmetic treatments. READ COMMENT