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Smart Lipo on Chin Made a Difference - Bethesda, MD

I found Dr. Singh on realself, so I feel like I should leave a review on here. I had smart lipo done on the submental area (below chin & jaw) by Dr. Singh almost 3 months ago. I went to 4 different doctors for consultations before deciding to have the procedure done by Dr. Singh. Interestingly, two of the doctors said they would not perform lipo under my chin because I did not have enough... READ MORE

Latisse Turned my Eyes from Green/brown to Darker Brown - Virginia, VA

I used latisse for 3 months and it made my eyes darker. My eyes were sort of hazel/brown with a brown ring around the pupil and green around the outer rim. I first noticed in a photo that my eyes were looking darker. Then I started examining them in the light and then outside in the sunlight, desperately looking for the green around the rim that always made my eyes look much lighter... READ MORE

Questions from coffeeluver

I'm 36 but Would a Mid-facelift Improve my Long Face and Nasolabial Folds? (photo)

I have noticed nasolabial folds since I was 32 and it is worse on the left side of my face. Since then, I had 2 vials of juvederm ultra injected into my cheekbones and the left... READ MORE

Should I Get a Cheek Lift Instead of Continuing to Fill Nasolabial Folds and Cheekbone Area with Radiesse? (photo)

My concerns are: nasolabial folds (worse on left side) and face looking longer & more rectangular. I'm 38 and have been filling face since I was 33. I last got radiesse 9... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo or Cool Lipo for More Defined Jaw Line and Fat Under Chin Removed in a 38-year Old? (photo)

I want a more defined jawline and the fat under my chin removed. I'm 38 and want a less bottom-heavy and more oval-shaped face. One doctor recommended vaser lipo and another... READ MORE

Recent comments from coffeeluver

I noticed this question was asked before, and went unanswered, but would you mind messaging me the name of your plastic surgeon? I'm considering this procedure in the Philly area and want to make sure it's not the same doctor. READ COMMENT

Oh, the negative results definitely developed over several months & got worse! When I first got the procedure, I thought I liked the result. Then I saw the fat pockets around my mouth a couple months later, which were most visible in... READ COMMENT

The same thing happened to me after botox to masseters. I got saggy skin/tissue around my mouth and hollows below my cheekbones. At 38, I looked jowly for the 1st time in my life. It has been 7 months & I have tried chewing gum too.... READ COMMENT

Hi @unhappy lips, I was just wondering how your masseter botox is wearing off? Mine is about 70% better and it has been 7 months since the injections. Most doctors say it wears off in 4 months, but I'm really hoping it just takes... READ COMMENT

Kim kardashian would probably give her left ass cheek to have hazel eyes instead of shit brown. The point of reviewing a product on this site is to discuss the result of the product. If you want more brown in your eyes, go out and buy... READ COMMENT