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PFM Crown Warranty/Guarantee? And Ratio Metal to Porcelain?

Hello Doctors, I have two questions. I need a crown on a molar (that is noticeable when I smile). I would like to go with porcelain fused to high noble metal. I would first... READ MORE

Facelift Incisions - Concerned About Raised Sideburns?

Hello Doctors, I do not want raised sideburns after my facelift. I understand a "double-S" incision along the hairline is performed by some doctors to avoid lifting the... READ MORE

Will Face Revert to Pre-Facelift Appearance Within a Year? (photo)

Hello, I've had a 4 consultations for an upper/lower bleph & a face/neck lift. The last doctor I saw said that I didn't have enough skin to remove !?), and that within 8... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty and Subclinical Hypothyroid?

I have subclinical hypothyroid that my gp doesn't think is necessary to treat. Except for some hair loss, I am asymptomatic. My eyes *may* have slight edema in addition to... READ MORE

Facelift and Blepharoplasty with Fibromyalgia

Hello Doctors, I'm 52 and would like an upper and (transcutaneous) lower blepharoplasty and a full face and neck lift. Here lies the rub: I have fibromyalgia. Is it a given... READ MORE

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Face-lifted Ladies: Do you miss your sideburns?

I want a facelift but am concerned about having my sideburns lifted. To those of you who had their sideburns lifted, do you feel self-conscious? Can you pull hair down to make... READ MORE

Anyone with hypothyroid get a blepharoplasty?

I have sub-clinical hypothyroid and I want an upper transcutaneous lower blepharoplasty. I'm concerned about developing festoons or having other issues.  My TSH is a... READ MORE

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I'm STUNNED! what perfect results! i have bags similar to the way yours looked. how does it feel to be rid of them? i can't fathom what it would be like. READ COMMENT

Hi beautiful. you look happy and serene. i hope to go to dr. quiroz. did you have a lower blepharoplasaty with incisions on the inside or the outside of your lids? mine would be on the outside, and i'm particularly concerned about that.... READ COMMENT

Hi there, You must be so thrilled to be getting surgery - and with one of the best surgeons out there. My bags are like yours - hereditary and larger than your average bags. I wear glasses from the moment I wake up until I turn off... READ COMMENT

Are you still undecided? you look wonderful!! the surgery brings out your beautiful eyes. i'm so inspired. thanks for sharing your experience with us. READ COMMENT

Devastatingly handsome, even for a 50 year old. kudos to dr. ransom! READ COMMENT