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Questions from f927

Best Option to Fix Pointy Chin?

I have a chin like actress Reese Witherspoons. I really want the surgery but I'm scared of it not feeling natural or not being able to talk or eat properly. READ MORE

Fixing Uneven Breasts Without Implants

I have uneven breasts and im thinking about getting surgery to fix them however im not really keen on getting implants to correct this. Are there any other options?i was also... READ MORE

How Does a Chin Implant Affect Face Shape?

Does a chin implant change the shape of your face from front on or from a profile view? READ MORE

Chin Implant or Reduction to Help Rounded, Pointy Chin?

I have a large rounded pointy chin which gets longer when i smile..i was considering a chin reduction but i dont think it is the bone that has to be reduced..is it possible to... READ MORE

Long Pointy Tip and Wide Nostrils..could Surgery Help..?

I have a long pointy tip from my profile view and wide nostrils frontal view..overall my tip looks bulbous and large..also when i smile my nostrils get wider (i know this... READ MORE

Best Option for Breast Asymmetry?

I have uneven breasts and am very unhappy with them...my right (the pictures left) is visibly bigger and hangs lower than the left..i am not against breast implants but would... READ MORE

Breast Surgery

I am very interested in having breast asymetry surgery as i am hugely disgusted at the appearance of my breasts,but the more i research this procedure and see before and after... READ MORE

Chin Reduction Information

Can a chin reduction reduce length and pointiness of chin instead of just promninence from a profile view? READ MORE

Arm Lift for Stretchmarks??

A tummy tuck removes stretchmarks from the stomach..does an arm lift remove stretchmarks from arms?? Thankyou READ MORE

Chin Reduction Doctors?

Is there any surgeons you could recomend that specialize in chin reductions for a pointy chin? READ MORE

Nose,Mouth,Chin Relastionship..Pics Included!

I feel as though my nose,mouth and chin area arent in balance with each other..My chin is pointy and id like it to be wider and not as long.My nose tip is bulbous and wide and... READ MORE

How Can I Change my Pointy Chin Shape? (photo)

I really dislike the shape of my chin, its too pointy and i feel as though it doesnt suit me! Thankyou in advance :) READ MORE

Gap Appeared in Teeth, No Idea Why? (photo)

About 5 days ago I realized I had something "black" between my teeth, I thought it was a piece of food but as I brushed my teeth it didn't go away I put my tongue up to the... READ MORE

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Hello - i have the exact same situation with my nose and chin my chin (mine gets worse with smiling)and was thinking of a chin reduction but am now thinking this would be better suited. it would be great if you could please post... READ COMMENT