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The Lips I'd Hoped for *Perfect* - West Orange, NJ

I first went to Dr. Joseph in Feb. of this year. I wanted to find out more about Silkon 1000 for my lips. I'd had other injectables but the after effects were serious bruising, with lips so swollen that I couldn't go out for a week. The filler only lasted about 4 months so I'd have to go through it all over again when it faded. I consulted with Dr. Joseph who was very kind and patient with me... READ MORE

Questions from chi910

When having filler injected to the cheeks and under eye area, is a cannula syringe a better option?

I moved back from Chicago a year ago and was traveling back each time I needed filler injections. I am looking for a local office who specializes in this area. I talked to one... READ MORE

Can a second lift be performed on the face if a person is in their late 60's?

I had a FL about ten years ago and it's dropped in this last year. I've also had fat transfer and fillers as well as Botox. I work full time and compete with younger women so... READ MORE

Which lasts longer; Filler or Fat Transfer? (photos)

I'm debating whether I should get a fat transfer/Injections or if I should use a good filler like Juvaderm to restore fullness to my face (cheeks, lips, under eyes etc.) Which... READ MORE

How long can I expect a fat transfer to last in my face?

How long can I expect a fat transfer to last in my face? I have done a lot of research and there are conflicting answers. I see there are new ways to clean the fat which they... READ MORE

Is the healing process longer for a male? How can the scars be hidden? (updated)

Facelifts for men require special techniques because of several things including hair growth I'm told. This man has almost no facial hair (lucky for him.) How do you find the... READ MORE

What can be done to improve the appearance for the lines a woman gets above her lips as she ages?

I've had a few cosmetic procedures this past year and there is much improvement but now the lines above my upper lip seem to stand out even more then they did. Would Botox... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 1 year ago and lips have lost volume. Why would this happen?

Loved my lips after 2 treatments about a year ago. I finally had lips that were fuller. Now my lips have lost the volume they had and I just don't understand why. Silikon is a... READ MORE

Can I use Silkon 1000 to get rid of the Vertical lines above my upper lip?

I never had a problem in this area but last year I developed vertical lines above my upper lip. I always thought that happened to smokers but I've never smoked. Is Silkon an... READ MORE

Recent comments from chi910

You look great. All that pain but look at the outcome. READ COMMENT

You look terrific but I've had fat transfers also and it looks great while you're swollen but fat is not permanent. I've had it twice and each time it fades. In areas like the marionette lines there are new products on the market that... READ COMMENT

I get 250mgs every three months in my neck to ease the pain of cervical Dystonia. That means 11 painful needles for over 8 years now. I've never suffered from the side effects your describing. I think your problem was with the doctor... READ COMMENT

I've had lots of fillers and they never last more then 6-7 months. Very disappointing. They are pretty much all the same. READ COMMENT

You look terrific. I'm not sure what that kind of brow lift is and I need one. Can you let me know the process? READ COMMENT