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Dermabrasion Further Scarred my Face - Taiwan

Horrible recovery and devastating outcomeI flew to Taipei, Taiwan to undergo a mechanical dermabrasion in Aug 2013.The surgeon is Chuang Jia Wing???Not to mention the 1-year reddness, my face is further scarred. Now it looks as if some flesh has been scratched or spooned out. It is even deeper and wider than the original scars. I though all these things are temporary but the fact is large... READ MORE

Questions from Jenny_fung

Differences Between Tradtional CO2 Laser and Fractional Laser?

What are the differences between the traditional CO2 laser (e.g. Derma K) and the Fractional CO2 lasers (Total FX)? If I get severe acne scar, should I try the traditional... READ MORE

Next Option After Several Treatments of Fraxel Restore and Deep FX?

I've undergone Fraxel Restore 8 times and Deep FX twice. The results are not obvious. I am Asian. READ MORE

Does Deep FX Enlarge Scars?

I have had undergone 2 Deep FX treatments, and I think the scars got improvement for depth. But when light is cast on my face, it looks even worse. Why is this happening?... READ MORE

Traditional Injections Vs. Airgent for Fillers?

I've heard of the new technology of Airgent which makes use of the pressure of air to 'pump' the fillers into dermis. It claims that it is more efficient and lasting than the... READ MORE

How else to Restore Volume to Face if Too Skinny for a Fat Transfer?

As I see, fat autograft seems an effective measure to restore the volume of the face, yet if I do not have enough fat for extraction, are there any other options since I think... READ MORE

How to Treat Vanishing Scars?

What will be the best scar removal methods for me, if my scars tend to vansih in the morning (WHY?) but suddenly look horrible when I am tired. READ MORE

Will Active FX After Deep FX Improve the Results?

I had several times of deepfx and the resutls are not satisfactory. Should I have ActiveFX to remove the shoulder of my scars? Will the process of ablation remove the renewing... READ MORE

How Many Deep FX Treatments Are Necessary to See Results?

It is claimed that one treatment is satisfactory while I have had 3 times now in the past 3 months and the results are not satisfactory. Can I see more improvment if i keep on... READ MORE

Can Macrolane Be Injected into the Face?

I have asked for different opinions. Some said Sculptra would be an alternative for fat transfer while some said Sculptra does not work well on them. I wonder if Macrolane with... READ MORE

Why Did my Scars Come Back After Fraxel Repair?

I've undergone 7 times of fraxel restore the results are quite good and then I wanna attain more so I did the repair but why my scars come back after I did it (although it... READ MORE

How to Sustain That Microswelling After Laser or Dermaroller?

I realize no method is effective to remove all scars but some laser such as cooltouch/fraxel restore can lead to a period of microswelling that everything was smoothed out... READ MORE

Am I A Candidate For Sculptra at Young Age? I Have A Naturally Skinny Face I'd Like To Plump.

I am a 25-year-old skinny girl who would like to have a chubbier face and therefore intend to have Sculptra injected. However, I heard that Sculptra helps to stimlate collegen... READ MORE

Small Acne Scars on My Face. Tried DeepFX, But Didn't Erase Them. Options?

I have a lot of acne scars on my face They are tiny (smaller than 1mm diameter) I have already undergone 10 times of Deepfx, the scars appear to be shallower (very shallow can... READ MORE

Forearm Implants Possible?

I wonder if it is possible to have my forearms implant because my wrists are really small only 4 inch and my forearms are scarily skinny in spite of my workout habits READ MORE

Considering Calf Implant but my Tibial Bone is Small?

I am considering calf implant because my lower legs are extremely thin However, will my legs look disproportional because my tibial bones are very small is there any way to... READ MORE

Results of Tradional CO2 Laser for Acne Scar?

I have many acne scars and opted to Deepfx and subcision However, the results are not very satisfactory I wonder if tradional CO2 will give me more Also, sometimes, I came... READ MORE

Is PRP Beneficial to Healing After Dermabrasion?

I am going to have full-face dermabrasion (using diamond head roller) However, my doctor said he does not provide any service that helps healing except cosmetic products I... READ MORE

How to accelerate healing after mechanic dermabrasion?

I had mechanic dermabrasion done 3 months ago. After that, my face bled for 2 weeks. The doctor gave me Vitamin C serum to help my healing. However, my face is left reddish and... READ MORE

Mechanic Dermabrasion Downtime and Side-effects (Photo)

I had full-face mechanic dermabrasion in August 2013. My surgeon told me there would be a 3-month downtime. My face was full of blood and oozing fluid in the first month. In... READ MORE

Is my face ruined by dermabrasion? (Photo)

I just wanna seek for more advice despite solely photo evaluation. My face's flesh looks as if it was spooned out. Did the procedure go too deep? Help me~ READ MORE

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