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I am on my fourth surgery for lumps under my eyes. The skin has thickened and my scars are deep and ugly. I look like a freak. My eyes don't get a full blink. The "pearls" are dropping into my lower cheeks. An AWFUL product. FDA... READ COMMENT

Sorry you had the same reaction I have. I have had three surgeries and still have large visible lumps are peri-orbital area and palpable lumps in cheeks and extreme scarring. Three and a half years post injections and now pea sized... READ COMMENT

It has been over three yrs. since Sculptra was injected under my eyes. I am now facing my fourth surgery to attempt to correct the geography of this area. I have large, calcified lumps that were not even able to be surgically removed.... READ COMMENT

The kenalog will cause the area to collapse. I ended up with huge dents and then got fat injections to fill that in. Nightmare. I then started taking prednisone and was amazed at how the "bumps" reduced in size. In conjunction I use a... READ COMMENT

I had Sculptra ijected under my eyes, close to my nose. Palpable nodules at first then continued to get bigger. All the massaging did not work. Then I had steroid injections which resukted in indentations are Sculptra, lumps still... READ COMMENT