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My doctor said he had put 30cc more in the right than the left. So i went back in for a corrective surgery. Corrective surgery 1: He fixed the fold since my right breast was so much lower than the left, but the implant was so huge it... READ COMMENT

Do you know what your doctor did to lift them up? did he use alloderm? i went in to get it fixed, i don't know what he used but it bottomed out again--it's only been 3 weeks post op, 2nd time around! i think it's from the swelling. READ COMMENT

I just got lipo but the areas are not hard.. what does that mean? was it not done right. also the area seems the same size but there is incision points and bruising.. so i think something was done. let me know what you think. thanks. READ COMMENT

I had that pain too. the surgeon said it would take 2 weeks and i'd feel better but it's almost 3 months. after 2 months i finally was able to sleep on my side without too much pain (but still pain). now, 3 months later, i can sort of... READ COMMENT

That sux. i can totally relate, cuz mine are uneven as well. my right one is wayyy bigger than my left (a cup size), he says it's swelling but i'm almost 3 months out. also there is a huge rash under my right breast where the... READ COMMENT