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Botox is the Best - Pennsylvania

I spent substantially less money with botox than I did with disport. It last about the same amount of time, so it really isn't worth the extra funds. READ MORE

Dysport is over Rated - Pennsylvania

After 3x's with dysport I'm going back to botox. I find that I spend significantly more money with Dysport than with botox. They need to offer rebates, that is their appeal. One period I forgot to send in my rebate and they weren't exactly understanding. I find botox to be a far better value and I also prefer botox customer service. This is NOT by any means a reflection on the... READ MORE

Love It! Face Was Too Thin After Weight Loss

I had lost some weight and i felt my face was too thin so instead of going with radiesse to fill out my face i decided to go with something that would look more natural.The effects of sculptra are very natural, hardly discernible. I had two rounds that ended two months ago and i am not having any problems with nodules. READ MORE

Questions from jil

Face Too Full After Sculptra Injections

Help my face is too full after sculptra injections? I realize that this is most likely due to swelling. However most people say that once the Sulptra takes effect it is... READ MORE

Can I Get a Facial After Sculptra Injections?

I had sculptra injections a couple months ago and i just scheduled a facial, will this effect my sculptra injections? READ MORE

Using Retin-A with Other Products

I use Retin A every other day. the days that i am not using the Retin A i am considering using a cream with these ingredients: Purified Water, Glycolic Acid (And) Ammonium... READ MORE

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The last thing I want to do is feed the trolls, but here goes..Nu Skin is NOT my company! I personally feel they are way overpriced and I'm not a fan of any kind of pyramid scheme, the company, like most, is obviously out to make a... READ COMMENT

This is the last time I'm responding to this thread. My problem is not with the negative reviews, it's when there is a monopolizing along with attempting to discredit the positive reviews. I also noticed that this is always followed... READ COMMENT

Metaphorik, Wow what a childish and disturbing reply. @lancer- I have no problems with people posting negative replies by any means as a matter of fact they can be beneficial. I do take all the negatives and positives into... READ COMMENT

I am convinced lancer and metaphorik are one in the same. I'm not even going to address the infantile craziness. The purpose of a thread like this is to give first hand experience. As a consumer that is what I look for when I visit... READ COMMENT

Now, I don't want to hear from you anymore..My point for anyone reading this thread. Be careful when purchasing these types of machines on eBay. Make sure you do your homework and use discernment. Two hundred dollars is a lot of... READ COMMENT