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Can a Drill Hole Canthoplasty Be Revised or Reversed?

I had a drill hole canthoplasty with spacers due to 2 previous eyelid surgeries and deformed lateral angles. This surgery was by far the most disfiguring. I have asymmetry,... READ MORE

I Had a Skin Pinch Bleph in March 2010. I Have Had 3 Revisional Attempts That Have Left Me with Pain, Asymmetry and Retraction.

I need help. I am not litigational. I just want pain relief and cosmetic improvement. Is there help out there? I've already spent over $30,000 trying to correct this. I... READ MORE

Can lower lid plate be reconstructed?

Similar to a cancer/trauma patient, I am missing a significant defect of lower lid margin/lid plate due to previous surgeries. About 1/3 lash line is missing causing deformity... READ MORE

Are there alternatives to drill hole canthoplasty? (photos)

Low bleph 2010. Slight lat. retraction. Probably would've resolved, doc said could fix it. Tarsal strip took off 1/3 low lidmargin. Another surg drill hole canthoplasties. 5... READ MORE

Can the lateral corners of my eyelids be repaired to help with peripheral vision and pain/distorted sensation? (Photo)

I had previous eyelid surgery and I am having pain both at the corners and at the lateral fixations (too tight/pinched). The corners are deformed and too high. It causes... READ MORE

Are there craniofacial surgeons on this site to treat enopthalmos? (photos)

I've attached my CT scan & I know, I know, a blurry picture of my left eye, but it does clearly show that I have no fat or muscle pad under my lower eyelashes. Complete... READ MORE

Where are the high volume/highly experienced surgeons who repair complex eyelid/canthal/enopthalmos reconstructions? (photo)

I have posted several pictures and presenting problems. I prayerfully hoping for a specific Surgeon or Institution or hospital who specializes in total eyelid reconstruction.... READ MORE

What is the name of my eyelid condition? How to treat it?

I do NOT have scleral show/white showing under my iris. I do NOT have lower lid margin that rolls away from the globe, the BEST description is a "bowing" (not sagging/drooping)... READ MORE

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I TOTALLY understand your feelings and it ticks me off when people assume you suffer from body dysmorphic disorder or some kind of mental problem. Yeah, maybe mental anguish AFTER they ruin your eyelids. I was a completely happy,... READ COMMENT

Would love to see before and after pics READ COMMENT

The enemy of good is better. The enemy of better is perfect. It is an improvement and if you are not in pain or suffering, I'd be thrilled to look like you. READ COMMENT

Could you add a before and after photo? READ COMMENT

There are surgeons who can revise this. I see why you feel the way you do. I will be praying for you. Try to have a surgeon who works with Asian eyes repair it. There is help out there. READ COMMENT