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How did you treat chestwall hematoma after breast augmentation?

I had breast aug under the muscle with saline implants six days ago.  I have a hematoma that is not going down, but sitting in my upper chestwall muscles below my clavical... READ MORE

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I hope they can figure this out if they open you up again. Are you confident in your doc, or do you think a second opinion might be needed if you haven't gotten one? I know my doc waited one week only and said he didn't feel comfortable... READ COMMENT

Not fun to go thru when you are so excited for the new "girls". It is hard to wait when they are not looking normal. My second surgery was very quick, and so worth it. My PS said my insurance should cover it because it was a... READ COMMENT

I ended up going in for a second surgery. When he opened through the same incision, a bunch of fluid came out and my implant slid down inot place. Now I'm fine. It was not a hematoma after all. I love them! They're great now! READ COMMENT