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I'm not wrong. I have more experience with this than you do. I did it 6 times. Non-ablative laser is supposed to build new collagen, and it can create a smoother skin, but it it not removing the surface of the skin. In fact, once the... READ COMMENT

She posts pics with no detail after the first few days and you think she looks great? Let's see what you look like after 8-12 months up close. This is the most unscientific review of a treatment I ever read READ COMMENT

The only aspect of this that is worthless is trying to judge your result before you have given it a chance to heal completely. After a year, many people report that their results that they thought were great are actually minimal or in... READ COMMENT

Ridiculous. She is not seeing any results at all yet. She is red and swollen and it's impossible to judge the outcome At All for at least 6 months. READ COMMENT

You are in no position to judge the results. You must wait at least 6 months to a year to see what you will really have. You will find that when the swelling goes down, the results are not very impressive unless he used a high setting.... READ COMMENT