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Opened my eyes!

My family has a tendency towards heavy brows and lids (i.e. basset hound) which I have inherited. I have aunts and uncles who had blephs, but I am younger and I didn't want to have surgery quite yet, so I explored other options over the past few years (ie acupuncture and ulthera). However, these treatments really did nothing to resolve the issue in any way and I truly wish I would have not... READ MORE

It Worked for Me - Portland, OR

I have to say right off the bat I am a big fan of acupuncture, so the idea of having needles stuck in my face is not the least bit daunting. I would guess that not everyone feels the same about acupuncture. My first series -- I did the entire series of 12 treatments -- was pretty awesome. I did it a few years ago and have since tried a few other things (as you can see from my reviews) so... READ MORE

Ulthera on Lower Face - Portland, OR

This is actually my second treatment. My first treatment three months ago (brows) made me feel like I was going to crawl out of my skin with pain. Not kidding. It was soooo painful despite the threads I have read saying that it doesn't hurt at all. Knowing what it felt like helped me discuss pain options with the clinic this time. I was prescribed Tramadol, which reduced the pain... READ MORE

Questions from KseniyaB

Is Zeltiq Used for Non-invasive Breast Reduction for Women?

I have been thinking about a breast reduction for some time, but I shy away because of the scars. I have read about men using Zeltiq to get rid of their "man boobs"... READ MORE

Breast Reduction with Dense Breast Tissue?

I am 42 Y.O., 5'6" and 145 lbs., and have maintained at or near a consistent weight my adult life (I also exercise daily). With age, my breast tissue has increased in... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Ulthera and Harmony®XL (Laser 360)?

I tried Ulthera but really didn't see any change at all, although I am nowhere near the age or need for a facelift. I recently heard about the Laser 360. Does it prove more... READ MORE

Recent comments from KseniyaB

I am so sad to read these comments...I was looking for reviews on sculptra and found this thread. That said, I was wondering if the OP had ever tried any sort of laser skin treatment? I had filler on my face and later purchased a... READ COMMENT

Lady, you look just great! I just saw your other review about Venus Freeze (which led me here), and your results are stunning. Plus, you just look so very happy. : ) Congrats on a great result! READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for posting your pics and reviews. I have a similar concern in my face and jowls, and I think that I am following the same route as you are. : ) READ COMMENT

I just found this thread. I had my first Venus Freeze treatment today. Much, much less painful than Ulthera (which did NOTHING FOR ME). I wonder about some of these treatments...they look great for a few months, but then skin laxity... READ COMMENT

I need to get a pregnancy pillow. I'm a stomach sleeper, and it's been tough to transition to sleeping on my back. READ COMMENT