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What Are Notched Nostrils?

I was told that during revision rhinoplasty my nostrils were set as notched nostrils. I know my nostrils look crooked. What are notched nostrils and can these be repaired? READ MORE

Possible to Remove Excessive Nasal Grafts and Restore Original Shape?

I had revision rhinoplasty done to correct problems to my breathing and nostrils from a small accident. During the surgery large amounts of ear cartilage grafts were used to... READ MORE

Can You Recommend a Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon Able to Do Dr. Howard Diamond's "Button" Nose?

I had revision rhinoplasty to correct a few problmes from a small accident. I ended up with a very wide, crooked, collapsed nose with very bad breating problems. I know that... READ MORE

Can a Collapsed Internal Valve from a Revision Rhinoplasty Be Corrected?

I had revision rhinoplasty to correct damage to a nostril and problems breathing that were caused by a small accident. Since the revision, I am almost completely unable to... READ MORE

Can Revision Rhinoplasty Be Revised?

I had revision surg. over 9 months ago to correct nostril and breathing. Pre rev. nose was small slim. Ear cart. was placed on sides of bridge and tip during surgery. Never... READ MORE

What's Better for Facelift: Lifestyle Lift or Liposuction?

Which method provides longer lasting results, Lifestyle lift or iiposuction? READ MORE

Persistent Soreness After Rhinoplasty Revision

Had revision 10 mths ago where a lot of ear cart. grafts were placed in bridge and tip cuz surg prefers wider noses for asthetitic reasons. Besides the wide nose being very... READ MORE

How to Fix Rhinoplasty with Graft That Collapsed?(photo)

Post 10 mths rev. Ear cartilage was to have been used only for rebuilding nostrils. It was placed on my bridge, sides of bridge & tip creating much wider, larger nose than... READ MORE

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Revision rhinoplasty again?

I had revision rhinoplasty over 5 months ago and have a cartilage graft blocking my left airway. My nose is also much larger than before revision. I am having trouble finding... READ MORE

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I had a small, slim nose from a rhinoplasty years ago. I hurt a nostril and breathing from an injury and had a correction/revision. I now have a huge, crooked nose with extremely poor breathing. At least your doctor cared enough to... READ COMMENT

I can relate. I had a small slim nose from a primary rhinoplasty. I had a revision because a small accident hurt a nostril and my breathing. I am now left with a horribly wide, crooked, collapsed nose with notched nostrils. It is so... READ COMMENT

I've written several questions but they never get posted or anwered. How can I can I access my profile? READ COMMENT

I had rhinoplasty years ago and my nose was small and slim. Due to an accident a year ago, a nostril was injured, my tip was tilting and my breathing was limited. I had revision rhinoplasty 9 months ago during which cartilage grafts... READ COMMENT

I'm glad your surgery turned out so well. I had rhinoplasty years ago. My nose was small, slim and looked okay. I recentlyhad an accident and injured my nose I underwent revision rhinoplasty and I currently have practically no... READ COMMENT