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Maybe a support group is necessary READ COMMENT

My brother had Hyaluronidase (Vitrase) injected into his back. He became paralyzed. READ COMMENT

The doctor that injected the hyaluronidase into my brother injected it into his spine in conjunction with a steriod injection. During my research I discovered that hyaluronidase is used during eye surgery and cosmetic as well. But... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much. The doctors (about 5 of them) would not entertain the idea that the hyaluronidase could have caused his illness. They were so afraid of getting involved in a lawsuit that all they would do to help was to treat the... READ COMMENT

My brother was injected in his back with hyaluronidase after failed back surgery. He had a reaction and developed blister at injection site, arachnoidities, a stroke, permanent paralysis (t2 down to his feet) and then death. READ COMMENT