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Possible to Lengthen the Nose to Reduce Distance Between Nose and Upper Lip?

I have a short nose, which accentuates my long philtrum. I'm wondering if it's possible to increase the length of the nose and thereby close the gap to a certain degree between... READ MORE

Does Juvederm Build Up over Time, Become Permanent?

I've heard that products like Juvederm only last about 6 months, but that they have the potential to build up over time so that your (in my case) lip never returns to the... READ MORE

Alternative to a Lip Lift

The distance between my nose and upper lip bothers me. I've researched various methods to fix it from a rhinoplasty to lengthen the nose to a lip lift. The lip lift seems... READ MORE

Vertical Chin Reduction Cost and Expectations

I've had jaw realignment surgery. At the time, I was told my jaw had grown thicker on one side. Because of that, I have some remaining chin asymmetry. Since my jaw is... READ MORE

Is Botox or Filler Better for Correcting Lip Asymmetry?

I have a genetic condition the has resulted in one side of my face growing shorter than the other. I've had jaw realignment, which has drastically improved things, but I... READ MORE