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Amazing!! Ten years younger is an understatement! READ COMMENT

I agree with wth. Many women are disfiguring themselves in an impossible quest. To compete with a photoshopped image is a goal of many women? What about education, volunteerism, spirituality, and love? Aren't those more admirable (and... READ COMMENT

Yes, we ALL work for Dr Motykie LOL...You work for Dr Troll? READ COMMENT

Blah- blah - blah - *troll alert* - blah blah blah Psssst (whispering) .... do not give the troll feedback, feedback is the energy it feeds on to live. If you respond to a troll, like a stray cat, it will NEVER go away.... (shhhhhh) READ COMMENT

Wait??...You ARE ptyuh commenting on the good point that ptyuh is making??? READ COMMENT