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Tiny Pupils After Blepharoplasty

I had upper blepharoplasty 8 days ago now. I understand that the swelling is normal and can last months.My problemis that my pupils are tiny at present and oddly shaped because... READ MORE

Eyebrow and Eyelid Act As One After Upper Blepharoplasty

Hello, I am 26 and I had upper eyelid surgery and brow lift 14 days ago now. before surgery when i blinked or closed my eyes my eyevrow and eyelid would both do this together... READ MORE

Will Hyperthyroidism Affect Plastic Surgery Results?

Hello, one month ago i had upper blepharoplasty and browlift. last week i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. my eyes seem to be healing ok now I guess. what will happen to me... READ MORE

Restylane for Sunken Hollow Eyes (Male)?

Hello , I have attached a recent photo of myself , i have very sunken hollow eyes , these have gotten really bad over the past year. I am unrecognizable from a year ago , my... READ MORE

Was Told I Don't Qualify For Restylane Below The Eyes, What Are My Options?

I have very sunken eyes which have become musch worse over time, you wouldn't recognise me from a year ago? and i get tension headaches I went to a plastic surgeoun and he... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty Gone Wrong

Hello, I am in distress. My eyes are severely sunken after upper blepharoplasty and brow lift, it's been almost two years now! what is the best procedure to rectify this as... READ MORE

What is Average Cost of Fat Injection to Upper Eyelids?

Hello , i had upper blepharlasty and brow lift 18 months ago! now my eyes are extremely sunken!! what is the average cos of fat grafting to upper eyelids in case i do not... READ MORE