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Bye Bye Buccal Fat Pads

Just got out of buccal fat removal surgery. I'll keep it short and sweet. Took some Ativan, was no longer nervous but feeling relaxed and high. Waited 30 mins for the drugs to kick in and Dr. B. came in to check in on me and inject my cheeks with a ton of freezing. Once we were ready, away we went. He grabbed a tool and I wasn't even aware that was the knife and he made a slice in my right... READ MORE

Stop the Sag! 32, Asian, Trying Full Face Ultherapy - West Vancouver, BC

Been thinking about this for the last 6 months - I ended up cancelling buccal fat removal to get this done instead - I was too freaked out to do anything that invasive so I opted for Ultherapy -- non invasive and *hopefully* will help me combat jowl and overall skin sag. I went with the full face option (no neck) because I am hoping the brow lift will make me look less tired ( I have double... READ MORE

Kybella - BOOKED and Going for It! - Mukilteo, WA

I literally read about Kybella 3 days ago and booked my appointment for tomorrow. Excited to get it done, nervous about the whole bullfrog recovery look for 2 weeks. My before shots (looking straight ahead and looking down) attached. I'm hoping I can spend this weekend recovering through the worst of it! Wish me luck and stay tuned! Got it done. Now at home. If you Botox, then it's... READ MORE

30s, No Kids, Healthy - Coolsculpting My Muffin Top! - Vancouver, BC

Reviews Live post right now! Sitting here getting my muffin top done. To be honest, the doc says I don't have much and even turned me down when I asked to get my bat wings done. She said I could get bra roll/flanks but doesn't expect me to see majorly drastic results on my muffin top. But ya know, I'm a girl frustrated with years of battling herself on these body image things so I figured,... READ MORE

First Timer with Juvedern for Lips - Toronto, ON

So I took the plunge and gave in...after being super happy with the mini-lip injection, I went for Juvederm, the full syringe (0.8cc). I freaked myself out the week prior to, checking out all the clips on just looks so gross, sticking a needle into one of the most sensitive parts of your body! The day of, I arrived early, and immediately started sweating while the nurse got... READ MORE

Teosyal... Still Evaluating - on Day Two and Totally Loving It

I got the mini-lip injection (Vancouver does it, haven't seen anywher else). Loved it - went in for a top lip and the nurse said my lips were even and that most people who want a fuller looking lip just do the bottom. She suggested I do both otherwise it could look uneven with just the top. She brought out two needles (0.4CC costs $135, a full 1CC is $500) and did the bottom first. I loved... READ MORE

Botox -- 26 Years Old, Glabellar Area

I'm 26 turning 27 this year and don't have any lines. The reason I got botox is because I frown too much -- I do it subconsciously all the time! So I went to the doc, he analyzed my frowning and because I "have such thick muscles", recommended 30 units. He did two shots in the Glabeller lines on each side, then three shots (on each side) right above the eyebrow. This was... READ MORE

Questions from lanalang83

Can Anyone Recommend an Asian Eyelid Surgery Doctor in Vancouver?

Can anyone recommend an Asian eyelid surgery doctor in Vancouver? READ MORE

Is it REALLY THAT necessary to get braces prior to getting veneers done?

I've literally had braces for 5 years (when I was 17-22yrs old). Now I am 32. I went for one consult for veneers the the dentist said I needed Invisalign (the full course which... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Pad Removal -- what's the likelihood of damaging the buccal nerve?

According to this study, apparently the chances of the buccal nerve running THROUGH the fat pad are 23.6% vs laying atop the fat pad. READ MORE

Endoscopic brow lift or Asian eyelid surgery/blepharoplasty? (Photo)

Can't decide. My eyelids are double and measure around 5-6mm but th skin and fat on top make my eyes look smaller. I also look quite tired and angry which made me speculate... READ MORE

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Looking for BA through the armpit specialist! Any recommendations?

Preferably in Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto but hey, I'm willing to travel to the US for the best :)     READ MORE

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I love it I see the contour perfectly now. He took the fat that was there, most of the fat pad. READ COMMENT

The balls will disappear as the infection goes away but mine was So bad that I had to go in to get the dr to cut and drain! Good luck and keep me posted! READ COMMENT

Hang in there! It's only been 3 months for me but I promise you, you'll start noticing real changes after the one month mark. The swelling screws up everything you see! Don't worry and hang in there :) just ice religiously and don't... READ COMMENT

Yep same here. Now it's about 98% healed! READ COMMENT

Thailand is cheaper! READ COMMENT