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Lip Lift Excisinng Skin & Muscle Hemming or Skin Only for Best Long Lasting Results.

Which offers best long lasting result and hides scarring best with lip lift ,excising skin only or skin with muscle hemming? READ MORE

Knowing That It Varies. What is Average Time of a "Permanent" Lip Lift?

I often see the words long term or "permanent" used when referring to liplift results. I know duration varies based on technique and continued ageing. What is the... READ MORE

Why Do Lip lift Incision Placements Differ?

I notice from looking at various before/after LipLift photos that some PS make an effort to place the scar close to contour/crease of the nose. Yet, there are others that make... READ MORE

Skin Laxity and Fillers?

What effect does over fill with fat grafting have on skin that already has poor elasticity quality. Once fat or fillers start to dissipate isn't the quality of skin even more... READ MORE

Recent comments from VILLE331 Happy for You. Congratulations and thank you for sharing. BLESSINGS READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing. You are healing well as your scar is barely noticeable. Looking good! BLESSINGS READ COMMENT

You look great. Your scar is healing quite nicely. Thanks for taking the time to share. BLESSINGS READ COMMENT

Thank you for the update. Hopefully you will have less problems with the chin strain as you continue to heal. You look great and your scar has healed well. I would not give up on trying to reach the doctor. I would try a least once more... READ COMMENT

Congratulation on your look Great! Your scar has healed remarkably well. Thanks for the close up photos. Thanks for sharing. BLESSINGS READ COMMENT