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HI My skin tightening was within the first month and even now I can see its been excellent, saying that, thats on my lower abdomen only, I have a problem on my belly button area which seems like the fat does not go away as i had a touch... READ COMMENT

HI... your body has going through a lot and my surgeon did not recommend to have more than2 areas done at the same time so he only agreed to do my lower and upper stomach, however recovering from this was painful and very slow, i dont... READ COMMENT

Yes swelling takes a while to dissapear it may seem that takes forever but in one day or two its gone. also as days go past when you massage your tummy it starts feeling less numb. Let me say how happy I am with the tightening of the... READ COMMENT

Hi Its been 2 weeks since I had vaser on my lower and upper abdomen. I was very worried with the pain and discomfort but since a few days ago everything has improved a lot.. I had my garment on day and night for the 2 weeks and i think... READ COMMENT

Hi... You can get Arnica cream from any pharmacy or big stores.. It looks like it has helped and my swelling reduced by 90% in a few days.. I also took the Arnica pills orally 3 times a day. My concern is that i had a hard rock lump... READ COMMENT