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Is Cheek Lift the Same Thing As Lower Facelift?

If a Cheek lift is not the same, what does the lower facelift improve? Is the recovery as hard as a full Facelift? I'm in need of Necklift at age 42. READ MORE

Wrinkles and Skin Tightening - Blue Peel vs. Fraxel Restore?

Which is better for wrinkles and tightening of skin for face and undereyes - obagi blue peel or fraxel restore? READ MORE

Will I Need a Facelift to Fix my Neck?

Will I need a face lift to fix my neck, I am only 42 and have extra skin on neck when I look down. Is it possible to do just a neck lift? READ MORE

Profractional Laser by Sciton is It Good for Skin Tightening?

What do you think about the pro-fractional by Sciton for all over skin tighten on face and for undereyes wrinkles and above lip wrinkles? how long would the results last? READ MORE

Is ProFractional Laser Ablative or Non-ablative?

Is profractional by Sciton nonablative or is it an ablative laser? I get so confused when it comes to profractional fraction or fraxel. READ MORE

Will Erbium Laser Around Mouth and Undereyes Cause Uneven Pigmentation?

I am wanting to do fully ablative laser (medium to deep)under the eyes and about the mouth only. I was thinking I might not have to be put to sleep if I have it done deep in... READ MORE

Should I Be Monitor with a Blood Pressure Machine

I have a fear of getting my blood pressure check, it makes my heart race. I watched someone die by looking at blood pressure reading. I am thinking about having laser... READ MORE

Local Anesthetic Toxicity

Can you get anesthetic toxicity from having local injected under both eyes and inside mouth of upper lip, so laser can be done under eyes and above mouth? Is that too much... READ MORE

Should I Never Have Laser Resurfacing Again If I Got Hyperpigmentation After One Treatment?

I had erbium laser resurfacing done under both eyes on 7-19-11. I have what looks like post inflammatory hyper pigmentation that has developed under my entire right eye. What I... READ MORE

Tca Peel and Anesthesia

What is the strongest % TCA peel that can be used on the face without the use of anesthesia or pain pills. READ MORE

Which of These Products Do I Need the Most in The Obagi Nu-derm Line?

Which of the products in the Obagi Nu-Derm do I really need? I know there is a blender, clear, toner, exoderm, used with a retin A in the obagi nu-derm line and a few more... READ MORE

Which is Best for Skin Tightening, Pro-fractional by Sciton or Erbium Micro Laser Peel?

Which of the two would give me better results for a little tighten of skin with wrinkle reduction out to the pro fractional by sciton or erbium micro laser peel. Thanks. READ MORE

What Does It Mean To Say The Pro-fractional Laser Tightens "Superficially"?

When I asked a question about pro-fractional one doctor said it tightens superficially. What does this mean? Does that mean that it does not tighten for longer then a month, or... READ MORE