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Dr Joseph E is my Doctor for Life - West Orange, NJ

Driving this time of the year in New Jersey is like attending a fashion show. The trees are changing their multicolor coats right in front of my eyes,as i pop up the volume of the radio while I sing along the song :"I crashed my car into a bridge, I DON'T CARE, I love it Can you tell I'm happy? I am going to see Dr Joseph Eric in west Orange. I need to fix one of my earlobe and exciting to try... READ MORE

Discounted browlift , not worth it. Dr Niamtu ! Midlothian VA

First, I would like to thank Real Self for bringing together all specialists that trough their kindness answered to all our questions preparing us for what should we expect during our recoveries. Thank you. Choosing you surgeon is extremely difficult. Even though my surgeon was not in Real Self map I knew that he deserve to be known. His name is Joe Niamtu, an extraordinary surgeon and human... READ MORE

dr Niamtu convinced me to get a browlift wich I did not needed.

Every scar on my body can tell a long and sad story. And you might think that I was fighting in Afghanistan. No I own my scars as "gifts" from when I was a child. With all those scars I've never felt ugly. I just got old. I'm 43. I worked so hard and that was showing in my expressions. Little by little lines were intersecting along my face creating scary , unattractive face, unrecognizable to... READ MORE

Dr Joe Niamtu - Midlothian, VA

The alarm went off at 2:30 am. I grabbed my bag and in less than 30 min I was driving on route 95S in hope that there won"t be too much traffic. I have never drove before to Virginia. I made my coffee last night and I am drinking it just cold. I'm not even tired. My bag has just an extra shoes and a jogging suit for comfort. The rest of the bag is full of questions : " why Dr Niamtu?" "why... READ MORE

10 February 2014 my Angel passed away

Second time around. For those who don't know me : I'm 24 years old, wait , wait, did I say 24? Sorry that's just a wish. I'm 42 but only for about a month because in Dec I'll be 43 years old and my only son is 21. I'm flying next week to Florida to have a TT+BBL+LS with Dr Daniel Azurin. My surgery : 8:30 am god bless u god bless u god bless u ???????????? all my incredible, sweet , awesome... READ MORE

Disappointed - New York

First I would like to thank Realself for allowing us to post and comment on our personal, unique, nerve wracking experiences, than to all those wonderful professional Doctors that are not offer us just part of their time answering to all our questions and concern but offering us precious information for which they went some years to colleges just to educate us and prepare us for the surgeries.... READ MORE

I have had a bad acne - treatment - New York, NY

The best $150 I have ever spent. I have had a bad acne which seems to resist to any treatment until I was prescribed Benzaclin .Thank you Dr Katz. This review I did it to highlight my experience at Dr Katz office where everyone was really nice and the knowledge of the dr. After he analyzed my skin he prescribed Benzaclin. I was suffering from severe acne for about 10 years .NOTHING seemed... READ MORE

Silikon 1000

I always wanted nice lips but I have had never courage to change something Very early this year I looked in the mirror and I thought: "man I'm getting older" and my lips are disappearing. I said to myself "I AM NOT READY TO GET OLDER......YET"*_* So I started to look for cosmetic doctors and procedures . Surprisingly in New York I couldn't find a decent website... READ MORE

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Will Blepharoplasty Reduce Wrinkles Under the Eye?

Since I was 20 I had wrinkles under my eyes and got really visible by 40 My question is if blepharoplasty will reduce those wrinkle or eliminate them ? Thank you anticipate READ MORE

TT or Just Liposuction? (Photos)

Good afternoon Doctors and I really appreciate you took the time to read and answer my question. I really dream to have a flat abdomen. I like when I gain a little weight... READ MORE

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Does a face lft cure "Bitchy Resting Face"?

Is "Bitchy Resting Face" a real thing? Check out this story from the Today show about the BRF phenomenon.  READ MORE

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Hello again , I know cravings can mess up with your result . I think in my other comment to your post I write L-carnitine but I think is l-glutamine is the one that helps with cravings and also helps with building muscle. Especially if... READ COMMENT

Hello Dear, I've enjoyed tremendously reading your story and I want to congratulate you for fantastic result. I also want to tell everyone that struggle with weight, that you're a good example that HCG is the only way to go. Nothing... READ COMMENT

When I'll get more money definitely will fix it either DR or Tijuana READ COMMENT

Hello again, I did went with Fisher thinking that I will write a review Unfortunately the result is so lame I am ashamed to post a review. In my opinion, as much as US doctors refuse to accept the reality, some doctors like Duran and... READ COMMENT

Hello , I like your result but I have to admit that as good as he is, he does not know to create the shape that the girl in the 10th picture has. Your wish pic. He create projection but he is not got on givin round shape. I'm sorry but... READ COMMENT