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Questions from PrettyInShockingPink

What Makeup Techniques Can I Use to Cover Up Sculptra Lumps?

My body had a reaction to the Sculptra. Under my left eye are now three large visible bumps and the thin skin in between the lumps now has large vertical lines. My regular... READ MORE

Cosmetic Injections - Proper Training and Injector Qualifications?

I have read there is a proper injection method for the physician to follow to avoid problems. I do not know what the "Depo" or "Depot" method means? Please... READ MORE

Who is Qualified to Inject Sculptra?

Who is qualified to do Sculptra injections?  Are doctors required to meet any sort of standards, requirements or complete any training before they can inject... READ MORE

Should Patients Be Informed if a Doctor is Inexperienced in a Certain Procedure?

For example - If you injected Sculptra for the first time into a patient's face, would you inform them they were the very first, in writing? READ MORE

Sculptra Complications

Is there a way to remove a delayed side effect of Sculptra that I may be experiencing? It is like a grain of sand or medium size drive-way rocks under the thin skin of my right... READ MORE

How Many Treatments of Sculptra Are Needed?

I was told by the doctor who injected me that this product would work with my natural collagen, and when injected, after 3 to 6 weeks it would cause the reaction of 'new... READ MORE

Are There Currently Any Trial Studies on PLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid) Removal?

I am interested in studies, if any exist, pertaining to dissolving PLA lumps, nodules, and fbo's without surgery. Surgery to rid yourself of these facial lumps and then... READ MORE

Solutions to Deep Eye Undereye Creases and Puffiness from Sculptra?

Are there any solutions for restoring deeply creased, loose-skinned, and puffy under eye area after Sculptra? The nodules have decreased a bit over the year, but the thin eye... READ MORE

Pain Relief for Chronic Nerve Pain Caused by Sculptra?

I have been trying to deal with chronic nerve pain from Sculptra injections. This surgeon, I could feel was wrestling to get the needle out by my upper cheekbone, then it... READ MORE

Sculptra for Sagging Skin Around Jaw?

Someone asked if Sculptra would be good for sagging skin around the jaw. How could injections do this? Wouldn't that be a face lift? READ MORE

Sculptra FDA Approval

What has the US FDA Approved for Sculptra Use READ MORE

Sjordren's Syndrome, an Immune Disorder, Related to Sculptra Injections?

I have now been diagnoised with Sjorgden's Syndrome. I am sure several injectors will agree, this inflammatory disorder has nothing to do with Sculptra, but what do the... READ MORE

Granulomas from Sculptra

Does any Doctor who has had patients' with problems, A.E.s, inquired if the Manufacturer is working on ways to cure Granulomas and related serious health problems? READ MORE

Sculptra Adverse Reactions, How Long Lasting and How to Rid?

I was told by doctor who supplied some pay for studies 2009 approval, very candidly, "get over it" "It" can last ten years, but who knows??? So now what... READ MORE

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Sculptra - any independent studies, NOT paid by Sanofi/Dermik?

I was told by a doctor who supplied paid for trial studies for the drug company that Sculptra problems can last up to ten years but there are no statics on even this figure. ... READ MORE

Sculptra lasts for over 10 years?

I have been told by a Dermatolgist, who I later found supplied trial studies to the FDA, Sculptra can last up to 10 years under the skin and than added but who knows? I have... READ MORE

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Dear Megan, re: Sculptra - a "Doctor" - some plastic surgeon or dermatologist cannot do a test spot on an area of your body for these injectiable 'implants'injected under your facial skin, Sculptra. It is great idea, but... READ COMMENT

Sculptra has changed my entire life. Everything about me is different since.... A day doesn't go by that I am not aware of how these 'safe' cosmetic injections have impacted my life. READ COMMENT

Megan, How do you suggest the victum move forward? READ COMMENT

"Because Health Matters" just not ours. READ COMMENT