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Third Chin Implant Combined with Platysmaplasty

After two attempts by the same doctor, I decided to get a chin implant again by a different surgeon. He had removed my second implant and I did not like the way it looked after a year. It looked pretty normal at first, but I had some weird dimpling and puckering and jowling. I was pretty unhappy with it. Also, my face used to be heart shaped but now it looked round and flat. I will... READ MORE

Doing my Research and It's Down to Two! - Beverly Hills, CA

I have been researching BBL and butt implants over the years (thanks Real Self ladies for all your help!) and I finally have a consult with Dr Stanton in May. My other choice is Dr Gongorra but I live near Bev Hills and it obviously be more convenient to do it here. However, I'm not telling my bf so I don't have anyone to take care of me unless I hire a nurse. I love Gongorra's work and the... READ MORE

3rd Augmentation. 500 Cc Silicone Moderate Profile Under the Muscle with Lift and Major Reconstruction - Beverly Hills, CA

I will update this review when I receive the OR report. My doctor said my surgery was one of his top five most complicated cases. I exchanged high profile 400 cc saline for moderate profile 500 cc silicone. Nipple was resized, mastopexy performed, extensive muscle repair, and scar tissue removed. I underwent a dual plane augmentation (there are different levels, I will find out more... READ MORE

First Time and I Regret It - Tysons Corner, VA

I'm finally learning the more one tweaks their face when unnecessary, the more unnatural one begins to look. I went in to my usual doc's office because I wanted him to remove my chin implant. But he did not want to do a third surgery (the original and revision looked good at first but did not settle in to my liking). Instead, he insisted on injecting my chin in order to relax the muscle... READ MORE

Under Eye Circles Removed, Look Like I Did when I Was in my Early Twenties - Vienna, VA

At first I freaked out because of all the swelling. Additionally, my left eye healed rapidly fast with virtually no scarring. The right eye, however, got infected and needed antibiotic treatment. I truly believed I was going to be disfigured for life. But the right eye eventually caught up and now my eyes look absolutely beautiful and natural. Seriously, he removed the perfect amount of fat.... READ MORE

Chin Implant Revision - Tysons Corner, VA

I've always been photogenic but as I've gotten older I put on weight in unsightly areas such as my chin which caused my face to also appear rounder. The doctor suggested a small (5 mm) implant in addition to neck lipo. I am not sure how I feel about my chin now. I almost think the placement is a little too low which makes a small 5 mm look larger than it really is. At some angles it looks... READ MORE

A Male Friend Who Prefers Natural Refers to my Breasts As the Holy Grail of Implants.

[The amount spent is the total of two separate operations combined.] I first got saline implants back in '93 - I went from a droopy A cup to a modest B. The surgeon, who now practices in Dubai, was very conservative in his approach. He did a very nice job but I still envied other women who filled out larger bras. However, no one was able to figure out that my breasts weren't real.... READ MORE

Years and Years of Botched Rhinoplasty and Revisions

I decided to have rhinoplasty performed by a surgeon whose claim to fame was being hailed by Donald Trump as the one he trusted to operate on his beauty pageant contestants. Another factor was the modest discount I received because of my own connections with that industry.The doctor was very nice but his work was crap. In retrospect, I had a very beautiful tip that probably just needed to be... READ MORE

Questions from Jane Seymour

Chin Implant Plus Neck Lipo Result in Increased Swelling, Loose Skin?

Hi there, I am four weeks out from a combo chin implant and neck lipo surgery. I can tell I'm still swollen from both procedures. My question is, am I more swollen than... READ MORE

What is Considered a Reasonable and Unreasonable Amount of Painkillers to Prescribe?

I had chin implant revision less than a week ago and my doctor refuses to prescribe more pain meds. He originally prescribed 20 5/325 then 10 10/25 Percocet. I am still in pain... READ MORE

Best Method for Filling out Uneven and Unsightly Implant Due to Surgical Treatment of Capsular Contracture?

The bottom of my breast looks as if it's bottoming out. The nipple folds in half! My surgeon suggested a lift but I don't want more scars. Another surgeon deemed it unnecessary... READ MORE

Skin Grafts for Scars in Visible Area?

Is there a surgical procedure to get rid of fine, thin scars on arms? Would laser or skin grafting work? It's very noticeable since I'm tan and the scars are below my palm. READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Revision - is It Possible?

Several years ago my doctor performed a tummy tuck. He did a beautiful job but because he also performed unnecessary liposuction several months before that, it doesn't look as... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift for Former Lipo Patient?

I have a fairly good shape but I am interested in enhancing my derriere even more. I had lipo on my back, flank, and stomach not too long ago. I do have fatty triceps and inner... READ MORE

Lipo on Back Area - Extra Bra Fat or Loose Skin?

I had my whole back liposuctioned (my original intent was to only get rid of fat in the bra area) and at first, everything looked tight. Now it looks as if I still have bra fat... READ MORE

How Does One Find the Right Doctor to Inject Filler?

I've been getting Restylane once or twice a year but not where I live. I'm looking to establish a relationship with someone where I live now and it's been challenging. I'm... READ MORE

Does it hurt to have a chin implant removed using local anesthetic?

I can't afford to pay the general a anesthesia cost. Does it hurt to have it removed under local? What is the process? Thanks. I'm to the point where I have thought of removing... READ MORE

Permanent cellulite solution?

Are there any permanent solutions to getting rid of cellulite? My mother developed it later in life so I'm worried that no matter what I do I am genetically doomed. I am open... READ MORE

Is this a double bubble or some other issue? (Photo)

My surgeon says that it is not a double bubble but loose skin from my abdomen (I had a previous tummy tuck and lip in 2003 with some weight gain and loss, on and off, about... READ MORE

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