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10 Months Post Op

I am in tip-top shape, yet need a muscle repair and a tummy tuck to get rid of the extra skin on my belly. I keep vacillating about going through with it due to an autoimmune illness I have, which can be impacted by antibiotics. Other than that, additional concerns include the amount of money it costs and my feeling vain and selfish for spending the money. Albeit as mentioned above, my health... READ MORE

Questions from Jamby

Sclerotherapy on Slightly Bulging Leg Veins?

I am wondering if having sclerotherapy on slightly bulging leg veins on shins (not varicose--I have been told they are athletic veins) would be successful--or if it is only... READ MORE

Recommendations for Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgeon in Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR Area

I have consulted with a number of plastic surgeons in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR area, but am still somewhat unsure with whom to go with. If you have had a tummy tuck... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Have a Horizontal Tummy Tuck Scar Placed Under C-Section Scar?

I am wondering if I could possibly get a horizontal full tummy tuck scar below my current c-section scar without having to get a vertical scar. If the vertical scar has to be... READ MORE

Can Antibiotics Be Prevented (Or Alternative to Antibiotics) for a Tummy Tuck?

Having ulcerative colitis, antibiotics change the flora in the colon and could worsen the condition. My question is: Can antibiotics be avoided during a tummy tuck, or are... READ MORE

Does It Look Like I Need Liposuction on my Back or Flanks? (photo)

I have gotten two different opinions, one doctor says he will lipo my back, flanks with the tummy tuck (no vertical scar). The other doctor says I do not need lipo and he will... READ MORE

Would You Recommend Lipo Along With A Full TT? (photo)

I posted a question previously whether to lipo or not with a full tummy tuck and I got very mixed replies, so I am adding other pictures that may show a better representation... READ MORE

What is Better for Pain Relief, a Pain Pump or a SofPulse and Why?

I am wondering what is better for pain relief... a pain pump or a SofPulse, and why. Do they serve the same purpose for a tummy tuck, or different? Thank you. READ MORE

Is It More Challenging to Stand Straight Sooner with Progressive Sutures or Quilting Method?

Hello. I am concerned about the recovery with progressive sutures (quilting method) due to the tissue being attached to the muscle and not being able to stand straight for a... READ MORE

Why Are Drains Placed in Pubic Area Versus the Ends of the Incision?

What are the pros and cons to placing drains in the pubic area versus the actual incision? If placed in the pubic area, does it leave two small scars where the drains were?... READ MORE

Discussions started by Jamby

To lipo or not to lipo (flanks & back)?

One doctor said he would lipo my back and flanks...and not vertical scar.  The other said I did not need lipo and would try to stretch the skin from the waist in to... READ MORE

Where does extra weight go after a tummy tuck only, no lipo?

Hello, I am going to have a tummy tuck, no lipo, and am wondering for those of you who have had tummy tucks without lipo...if you have gained some weight, where did it... READ MORE

Weight gain after a tummy tuck, no lipo.

Hello.  I am unsure if to do lipo with my tummy tuck due to my concern about weight gain in other areas of my body besides the waist/back where lipo would be done & in... READ MORE

Are there pictures of tattoo to cover tummy tuck scars by ladies who have done a tt and gotten a tattoo?

I am wondering if the ladies who have had tummy tucks and got tattoos to cover their scars are willing to share pictures of how their tattoos look after they are done.  I... READ MORE

Who has had the drains below the incision in the pubic region and who has had them in the incision?

If you had them in the pubic region below the incision...how were the two small scars after the drains were pulled out?  Were they big, red, or made it difficult to... READ MORE

Recent comments from Jamby

Thanks for the information tweetymom8! I have tried temporary tattoos, although my skin is somewhat wrinkly in the top area of my vertical line..I do like how the tattoo hides that a little bit. I usually wear very low fitting jeans... READ COMMENT

I'll try to get some on here soon. Thanks for asking. READ COMMENT

I notice you got a tattoo...is that the reason you got one, to cover up the lower part of your tummy? I was thinking of doing the exact same thing! I like yours, it looks very cute. I was thinking of getting two small butterflies,... READ COMMENT

Me too...just updated...thanks to you. :) I hope you are well & enjoying your results. Thanks for staying in touch & cannot wait to hear your update. Take care! READ COMMENT