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DO YOUR RESEARCH - It CAN Be Very Good! - Lafayette, CO

Go online and look for reviews of the providers you are considering. I've had numerous photofacials/IPL procedures, and I can tell you that you should definitely do your homework before choosing a provider. There are so many med spas around these days it's ridiculous, and I don't think half of these people should be laser-certified, (in my opinion). My first set of 4 IPL sessions was done... READ MORE

Works for fine lines, but not sure about the skin tightening.

I had one full-face & neck procedure done in the middle of November 2012 and the 2nd on February 27, 2013. I honestly think the laser melted some of the fat in my cheeks, which I'm not overly pleased about. My first procedure took 5 days to heal (without any ointment) and the second procedure took 4 days (with the application of Aquaphor). The post treatment instructions will vary by... READ MORE

Can't See the Results - Englewood, CO

I had the "painting" (less invasive/less painful) method of the Yag Gentle Laser done on my face and neck in June and August of 2012. I can honestly say at this point, (November 2012), that I have not noticed any changes. I don't even know what I'm supposed to be looking for. I was hoping for some skin tightening, but I haven't noticed any. I have not noticed any changes at all, which includes... READ MORE

Ineffective and Not Worth the Money - Centennial, CO

I bought a special on Groupon for a total of 8 Velashape treatments on my saddlebags and 6 treatments on the inner-knee area, spaced one week apart. In addition to not seeing any results, the owner of the facility didn't even seem to know where the saddlebag area was, and started giving me a treatment further down on my thigh. She had all of the settings on high, and it pinched pretty hard.... READ MORE

Thermo-Lo for Sun & Age Spots - Golden, CO

I purchased 3 Thermo-Lo treatments for freckles, (sun & age spots), and it dramatically diminished the appearance of targeted spots on my face. I am amazed at how well this works and how affordable it is! The darkest spots on my face are now gone. This technology also works for broken cappillaries, skin tags and acne scars. I didn't have any real "downtime" from the... READ MORE

IPL for Rosacea - Do Your Research First!

I have been developing rosacea for several years and the IPL Photorejuvenation treatments removed the excess redness from my face, (mainly the cheek area). I was very satisfied with the results. When choosing someone to perform the procedure, find out how much experience they have doing it. My first 2 treatments were done by a rookie and the strength of the IPL was very low. My best... READ MORE

Questions from Runelady

What is the Most Effective Treatment for Skin Tightening? (photo)

I am a 38-year-old German female with (mild) sagging of the skin on my face. I really want to avoid a facelift, and I also believe that sort of procedure would be a bit much... READ MORE

Concerns About VelaShape Bruising & Procedures? (photo)

I purchased VelaShape to smooth-out saddle bags and the inner knee area. At my last session the technician spent only 3 minutes on each area (4 total), and the discomfort was... READ MORE

Is Bruising Normal After a 25% TCA Peel?

I did a 25% TCA peel on my upper chest. There is an area that looks bruised (grayish) and I was wondering if this is normal and if it will heal normally. Right now I'm using... READ MORE

Should I Allow my Skin to by Dry Immediately Following Matrix CO2 Fractional Treatment?

I had a Matrix CO2 Fractional laser treatment on my face yesterday, (for the 2nd time), and I am trying to achieve optimal results for skin tightening. I was advised to wash my... READ MORE

Is Tingling Normal Long After CO2 Fractional Treatment?

I had my 2nd Matrix CO2 Fractional procedure on February 27th. Just like the first one, I am experiencing skin tingling. It seems to be more-or-less under the skin than on the... READ MORE

What is the best known method of non-surgical liposuction? What do you recommend for the most fat loss and why?

There are so many new methods that have hit the market in the last few years, and it is simply mind-boggling. The newest one I read about is Lipo-Light. After doing some... READ MORE

How long do the effects of Bio-Radio Frequency last for skin lifting/tightening?

I had a brow lift done quite some time back with a bipolar radio frequency device, but it doesn't seem like the effects were very long-lasting. How often should one be treated... READ MORE

Recent comments from Runelady

Wow... whomever performed this on you certainly didn't do it right. Did you go to the same person who had performed them in the past? READ COMMENT

I really believe fraxel damaged the area under my eyes and melted the fat in my cheeks. I never had fine lines under my eyes until I had this procedure, and then my face look deflated. I'll stick with DermaPen instead. READ COMMENT

My treatments are $125 each. READ COMMENT

You really look great. Thank you for posting the before & after pics. :) READ COMMENT

She performs other services, and yes, I highly recommend her. The skin tightening is what I was after with the CO2/eMatrix, but it didn't help me. READ COMMENT