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Experience from Laser Lipo on Neck and Jowls?

Looking for someone to explain their experience with the Laser lipo of the neck and jowls as well as recovery time. READ MORE

Neck and Chin Are Lopsided After Laser Lipo

Just had neck and jowl laser lipo. My neck is now lopsided. will this correct itself and when? READ MORE

Will Not Wearing a Compression Garment Affect Final Results on Neck?

Had neck and jowl vaser lipo with virtually no swelling or bruising so only wore the garment for 48 hours. Will this affect the final result three months from now? READ MORE

How Effective is Tickle Lipo?

Having tickle lipo on upper/lower abs, outer thighs and arms? is it as effective as laser? READ MORE

2 Liters Removed During Vibration Assisted Lipo (VAL) But No Results - Why?

I'm 5'4, weigh 127 lbs. had val on belly, thighs, hips. 2 liters removed. Dr said he removed 2 liters from abdomen, outer thighs,hips and arms. I am 5 days out, very... READ MORE

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I had upper/lower abs, arms and outter thighs done. I'm 5'4 and weighed 128 before. He said he took out 2 liters as well. I can't tell any difference and on Wednesday 9/22 it will be two weeks. I have worn the garment non stop but I... READ COMMENT

Hi. I just had the tickle lipo procedure a week ago .I'm 5'4 and weighed 128. Had fat removal in abs, outer thighs, hips and arms. I know it's only been one week but I have worn this exptremely tight compression garment non stop and... READ COMMENT

I was looking into smart lipo last year and after reading a number of replies scared myself out of it. A new technique has been introduced called tickle lipo or vibration acoustic lipo. I just had it done on Wed/ 9/8/10. I am now two... READ COMMENT

Hi, I like so many of the others am very similarly shaped to your before pics and I am doing the tickle lipo on the 8th of this month and all of the sudden am becoming very nervous. Do you have after pics of the results. I work with... READ COMMENT

Wow! You look great! I'm having this done this upcoming week and although excited am also very nervous. How long were you bruised and swollen. I bruise very easily and I''m afraid that by the time I go back to work I will be a mess. READ COMMENT