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Unless you personally go through the education, you cannot make statements about training of one profession vs. another. Regardless, the crux of these posts are based on the fact that some people are not happy with their zerona... READ COMMENT

I would advise calling an MD's office that offers Zerona and find out what training they had in it. The procedure does not require any additional training that makes it better for an MD to perform vs. a chiropractor. If anything, the... READ COMMENT

Keep in mind that the company that creates Zerona, Erchonia Medical produces medical equipment for the Chiropractic Profession. In addition, Zerona's research is in the chiropractic trade profession journals. The other company that... READ COMMENT

Actually, I have 3 different units. One is a zerona, one is a lapex bcs 2000. I see great results with any one of them that I use. But we also combine diet and exercise with the treatments. This gives us even better results. Just... READ COMMENT

Actually, I don't think any are confrontational. I try to post about every two weeks. The confrontation is brought on my other members, and as a provider I am just trying to set records straight. My point is, the results in my clinic... READ COMMENT