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Facelift Surgery Before and After Photos

I'm considering face lift surgery, and I want to talk with a few different surgeons. What should I look for in facelift before and after pictures? How will I know what is good? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Before and After

I've been looking at before and after pictures of nose jobs, and everyone's nose seems so different, I don't know how to tell if I'm looking at something that... READ MORE

Dental Implants Problems - What's Common

I'm considering getting dental implants, but I'm worried about side effects and complications. I've heard that they can cause nerve damage and even bone loss. And other... READ MORE

Dental Implants Recovery Time

I'm considering getting dental implants, but I wanted to know what the typical recovery time was? What kind of downtime can I expect -- how long will I need to take off... READ MORE

Cellulite Treatment Before and After

I'm looking at the various before and after photos for cellulite treatment, and some of them look the same to me. What should I be looking for realistically in photos... READ MORE

What is the Usual Botox Recovery Time?

How much time should I allow for recovery from Botox injections? What kind of limited activity, etc., can I expect? READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Before and After Pictures

I'm considering blepharoplasty for upper and lower eyelids, and I've been looking at before and after pictures -- and I like what I've seen. However, I'm... READ MORE

How to Avoid Double Bubble?

Is there anything I can do to avoid double bubble deformity after getting breast implants? READ MORE

Does LiLash Have Side Effects?

Can LiLash cause any side effects? Do they go away if I stop using it? READ MORE

Flap You Recommend for Breast Reconstruction

For breast reconstruction, do you recommend a latissimus flap over my implant? Which is best? READ MORE

Angiogram Before Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Should I have an angiogram before breast reconstruction surgery? READ MORE

Liposuction Results

What kind of results can I expect from liposuction? Can I lose inches from the waist or thigh areas? I know they say you can only lose a few pounds through lipo, but I... READ MORE

How Much Does FUE Hair Transplant Cost?

How much does the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method of hair transplant cost? READ MORE

Zoom Whitening Pen

Does the Zoom whitening pen work? It sounds like an easy way to keep my teeth white after treatment, but it sounds too easy. READ MORE

TCA Peel Side Effects

What are the possible side effects with TCA peels? Are there risks or complications involved with TCA peels? I just want to know what I'm getting into before I commit. Thanks. READ MORE