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Sadly, the process in the US is not like that. Once a product has FDA approval it is pretty much 'golden'. The Supreme Court ruling in 2008 further 'protects' device makers from being sued, if they are FDA approved. The litany of... READ COMMENT

Four major law firms from large cities could not find any 'loop holes' but who knows? I would caution others regarding sending pictures or email addresses to anyone you do not know personally. It is possible to post pictures and stories... READ COMMENT

Ummm...have no clue. You might ask the moderator or someone from Realself. We are all merely just posters and have no control over what is removed and what is not. ;-) READ COMMENT

No, that is not acceptable. Not at all. The 'tips' are susceptible to damage. Likely he realized there was a problem of some sort and decided he needed to change /exchange them. The tips should have been inspected and checked prior to... READ COMMENT

I wish you luck but an individual cannot really "start a class action" lawsuit. You must have an attorney take your case and then have a judge declare you part of a 'recognized' class. It is next to impossible. The Supreme Court ruling... READ COMMENT