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Questions from cc816

V Beam and Facial Fat Loss

I had v beam treatment 8 months ago and I now have facial fat loss. I had V beam laser done that was turned on too high and caused blisters which left some scarring and also... READ MORE

Vertical Lines and Large Pores After V Beam

I got vertical line scars and what looks like very large pores from v beam laser done on my chin area. Anything that can be done? I also go some indentions and I see on the v... READ MORE

Retin-A vs. Differin for Wrinkles and Skin Damage

I was wondering if differin can help wrinkles and skin damage as well as retin a . I have tried to use retin a but it is too strong for my skin but it tolerates differin well.... READ MORE

I Had an 8% Tca Peel Done Under my Eyes 3 Months Ago. Will time help the wrinkles & pigment?

I had an 8% tca peel done by my dermatologist for some Hyper-pigmentation under my eyes . She did 4 passes I dont remember her neutralizing it. It has been 3 months and now I... READ MORE

Treatment Options For Raised Scar After TCA Peel Under Eye?

Can Anyone help. I developed a raised circular scar under my eye after a tca peel done by a dermatologist . She did 3 passes with an 8% tca and then decided to dab with a q-tip... READ MORE

Help for Fine Lines Under Eyes After Tca Peel

I had a dermatologist do and 8% tca peel under my eyes for hyperpigmentation. She did 3 passes which caused a small round raised scar and also I see a lot of fine lines now... READ MORE

What Can I Do For Hyper-pigmentation Under Eye After TCA Peel?

I got a tca peel under my eyes for some hyper-pigmentation . It was done by a derm. who put too many layers and it ended up causing alot of pih. She has done it before and it... READ MORE

Differin For Treating Hyper-pigmentation?

I have a lot of hyper-pigmentation. I freckle very easily. I always use sunscreen and stay out of the sun but still seem to pigment. Will differin 3% help with my... READ MORE

Botox for TMJ

I have had tmj that was causing tension headaches that became migraines. I had botox done 150 units in forhead, temples, jaw , neck and top of shoulders. Its been 3 months and... READ MORE

Indented Scar After Tca Peel Under Eye?

I had a 6% tca peel done by a dermatologist under my eyes for hyper-pigmentation. The doctor did 3 passes using a q-tip and then dabbed one freckle again. It has left a... READ MORE

Can Differin Make Hypo-pigmentation Worse?

Hi I had a 8% tca peel done under my eye by a dermatologist who went to aggressive and caused more hyper-pigmentation and now hypo-pigmentation. I have been really careful with... READ MORE

Hypo Pigmentation After Tca Peel?

I got hypo-pigmentation lines under my eye after a tca peel one year ago done by a dermatologist. It seems like some developed 10 months after the peel . It looks like lines of... READ MORE

Sebaceous Hyperplasia and Differin?

Hi I was just told I have sebaceous hyperplasia . The dermatologist told me I have to use a retinoid and I have gone back on my differin. She said differin will get rid of... READ MORE

hot and cold tooth sensitivity for months after crown

I had a new crown done twice due to the first bite being off and making my tmj worse. Before cememted it I saw a endodontist said my tooth nerve tested ok. After cementing I... READ MORE

There is a rounded ridge where my gums meet my new dental crown, is this normal?

I have a new dental crown in the back bottom in front of my wisdom tooth and I noticed that were the gum and teeth meet there is a rounded ridge. It is not red of inflamed. Is... READ MORE

How to remove melasma from chest area?

Hi I have melasma on my chest area pretty bad. I freckle very easily also. I use sunscreen but it is still bad on the chest area. I am allergic to hydroquinone and cant seem to... READ MORE

Gash on forehead left a small indentation. Is there anything I should be doing to help it? Will it fill in anymore?

I tripped and fell and a stored deer head antler cut me on the forehead. It was not a very wide cut and more of a puncture wound. It has been 8 days since and it has healed... READ MORE

Can differin help build collagen and get rid of wrinkles or is it a waster of time?

MY Dermatologist has told me that differin will help with aging since its a retinoid is this true. I cannot tolerate the stronger retinoids like retin a and tazorac that is why... READ MORE

Does pigment have to get darker to know IPL worked?

I have a lot of freckling , brown and red patches all over my chest. I had IPL done on my chest yesterday by a doctor who did it on a very low setting since I have a tendency... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the hyperpigmentation on my chest?

Hi is there anyway to get rid of hyper pigmentation on the chest area without the use of lasers and hydroquinone? I have fibromyalgia and lasers like IPL seem to trigger a... READ MORE

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8% tca peel under eye ruined skin

I had an 8% tca peel done under my eye by my dermatologist for hyper-pigmentation. She did 4 passes , I do not remember her neutralizing it but I figure she must know what she... READ MORE

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Try differin its totally different then retin a. It helps with acne, texture without the retin a side effects. READ COMMENT

My skin does great with differin . I cant use retin a it causes redness and irritation. I have used it for years its very good for people who cant tolerate retin a. I cant use any oils my skin would break out from it. Especially the... READ COMMENT

I use differin not retin a since retin a can be harsh on the skin. Some people do well others not. Differin is gentler but everyone needs to ask their own dermatologist and everyones tolerance is different. READ COMMENT

It has not come back totally. I still have hypo-pigmentation under the eye that looks like circles or half circles. I use differin which is a mild retiniod and just my active moist dermalogica lotion. I will never have any peels done... READ COMMENT

Hi Dr. Allen- Since you are a doctor have you seen a lot of these issues that people are talking about. I ask because I had v beam laser done 8 months ago. I went because I had 1 small broken blood vessel on my cheek from a... READ COMMENT