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Dear Sam38, I have been researching doctors for a couple of months now. I am fearful of having something go wrong when it concerns anything around my eyes or on my face. I finally found a doctor that I have not seen any negative... READ COMMENT

I hope you have been able to get back to your life again. Please don't dispare - I hope you life and outlook are improved. I'll say a prayer for God to ease your anxiety and help you to go forward with hope. READ COMMENT

Who was your doctor????? Could you upload a photo of your results? I have been researching and still locking for Doctor. Thanks !!! READ COMMENT

If you are talking about Dr. Lam be careful - I have seen some horrible reviews by patients. I know his web site is fantastic and I was sold until I started researching for bad results and found them. Fat can harden be lumpy etc.....If... READ COMMENT

Hi SouthernCal - I am so confused. I have seen numerous reviews of Dr. Lam and the majority are horrible. I have seen his web page and all the YTube testimonials and I don't know what to believe. Why do you think there would be all... READ COMMENT