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Questions from November

Why Can't Acne Scars Be Completely Removed?

Laser scar removal reduces the appearance of a scar by 90%. Wouldn't a second treatment take care of the remaining 10%? If not, is it at least possible to raise the "pit... READ MORE

Which Fractionated C02 laser is the best for treating pitted acne scars? Fraxel Re:pair or Sandstone Cortex?

CORTEX Laser wavelength : 10,600nm Laser mode: Tem 00 Power to tissue: up to 40 watts Tissue exposure modes: Continuous/Blend/Super Pulse Peak power: up to 200 watts Aiming... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair: Can the doctor treat just the scar on my tip or does he have to treat my entire nose?

I only have one scar on the tip of my nose that I want to treat, the doctor said it'd be cheap now he says it's $1200?He said that he would use the laser on the entire nose and... READ MORE

Will the hair grow back once this wound heals? I didn't have stitches (Photo)

I hit my head against a hard surface and the wound is right on my scalp. Hair was still present on the wound site for a few days but as the wound started to heal and close up ,... READ MORE

What will be the approximate cost for Robotic Hair Transplant procedure?

Hair loss due to scalp injury resulted in a receded hairline. 4 months later, the wound is healing nicely but the hair is still not showing any signs of growth. READ MORE

Does it affect results if you have two consecutive surgeries? (Hair transplant on scalp + fraxel on nose scar)

I did a Hair transplant on a small area of my FOREHEAD 12 days ago to fix a defect caused by an injury. Additionally, I have a old acne scar on the tip of my NOSE: I want to do... READ MORE

Hair loss of transplanted hair after emotionally traumatic experience: Is it permanent?

I had a hair transplant 3 months ago , the density was good. However, yesterday I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and the next day I noticed a significant difference... READ MORE

Recent comments from November

I strongly recommend 70mj 60% Anything more powerful I don't know since I've never tried it. I'm 4 months post op and I can see that there was no danger doing 70mj 60% since my skin shows no sign of damage. 70mj 70% sounds risky.... READ COMMENT

Hey Davide, I spoke to my surgeon and he told me that if I have a second Fraxel Repair treatment, it wouldn't cost me $1200 like my first treatment did but $800: So uhhh good news! The more Fraxel treatments you get, the lower the... READ COMMENT

I did mine at 70mj 60 percent and im two weeks post op and the redness is almost gone. However thats because the treated area is very small (only one scar) and on the nose (a safe area) and I have pale skin so higher laser settings are... READ COMMENT

Glad I could help, and yes the most effective treatments should always be saved as a last desperate measure. But know this, getting rid of acne scars is not a matter of if but a matter of when. Yes it will take a lot of time and a lot... READ COMMENT

Fraxel restore is not aimed at Acne scars. You gotta do Fraxel repair and at the following setting: 70mj 60%. However, ask your doctor first if this setting is right for you considering your skin tone and location of the scars.... READ COMMENT