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Under Eye Hollows/Restylane in San Francisco, CA

I had Restyland injected to make my hollow, dark undereye circles less apparent. I went to a Dr. I'd heard good things about in SF. I have very pale skin and thought I would get enormous bruises, but I was suprised to only get a purple mark near the site of one of the injections that faded to a red mark in a few days and is now (3 weeks later) almost gone. The filler felt really weird... READ MORE

IPL for Sunspots

I got several courses of IPL for very dark sun spots that suddenly showed up after a Greek vacation. I was dissappointed that they did not go away entirely - they are still visible. But they did fade a lot. I even used a hydroquinine cream for a while and it seemed to do nothing. If I could guarantee that they would fade completely, I'd go back for more courses, but res READ MORE

Questions from luminous

Can Anyone Recommend Tear Trough Expert in Ireland or England?

The last few years, I have lost facial fat due to aging and now have big dark hollows under my eyes. I would like to get Restylane to plump it up, but after reading all the... READ MORE

Good Restylane Tear Trough Injector in Denver?

I visit Denver once a year to see my parents, and I wonder if anyone has any experience with an oculoplastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon who does a good job of injecting... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Restylane in San Jose or SF Bay Area?

I'm considering Restylane for my under eye hollows but have read a lot online about needing to go with a very experienced injector. I have fair, thin skin so a mess up would be... READ MORE

Looking for a San Francisco/San Jose Area Good Restylane Injector

I am thinking about having the hollows under my eyes injected with Restylane while visiting my friends in the Bay Area. I live in Ireland and I just don't trust that anyone... READ MORE

Recent comments from luminous

I've been using TriLuma for over a year now. Is there some reason I shouldn't use it for over 8 weeks? I'm getting it through a dermatologist, so I assumed she didn't think it was a problem. My melasma has faded a good bit. But it... READ COMMENT

I'm looking for someone good to correct my tear trough hollows in the Bay Area with Restylane injections. Can you recommend anybody you've have good experience with or have you only had marionnette lines or lips done? READ COMMENT

Thanks for the information. I am definitely not satisfied having these spots on my forehead, even though they aren't as dark as they used to be. READ COMMENT

Thank you - that is what mine look like only much smaller. I think I will make an appointment with a dermatologist before considering more laser. READ COMMENT

Can it be used if you scar easily (keloid)? READ COMMENT