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Not Impressed with Thermage and Eyelift (Upper/lower) - Columbus, OH

2 injections during an eyelift procedure - I'm not impressed with the results. I can't tell you if the injections actually hurt as they were done while I was 'under' for eyelid surgery. 6 wks post surgery, I don't seem much of a difference in the area of injection which was nose/mouth area. The PS suggested 3 more injections, but at that price, I would have really like to... READ MORE

Questions from lorelei739

Heart Condition and Facial Plastic Surgery

I am a heart patient with an extensive history. Would this history make it impossible to find a doctor to give me a facelift? READ MORE

Alternative Options to Facelift for Patient with Heart Condition?

Since the consensus is that I shouldn't risk my heart's health with getting a Facelift, do I have any alternatives that would not compromise my health? READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon or Ophthalmologist for Eyelid Surgery?

I have severe ptosis & have severe heart problems. I wanted a facelift to fix everything, but due to my health condition that is not possible - I have heard eyelid surgery... READ MORE

What is the New Procedure Called 'Eye Guide'?

I saw a segment on TV (Entertainment Tonight)about a new procedure by a plastic surgeon called 'eye guide' - has anyone heard of this new procedure? It supposedly is less... READ MORE

Can I Get Implants Instead of Dentures with Poor Gums?

Due to the poor condition of my gums, I thought my only option was dentues, so I went to one of those 'cheap' dentures places about a year ago - and I hate the... READ MORE

Possible to Go from Full Dentures to Implants?

I have had my full upper/lower dentures for over a year and I hate them - they hurt, make me gag and I can't eat. Adhesives don't work for longer than an hour or so and... READ MORE

What Manufacturer is the Best for Dental Implants?

Is one manufacturer best than others when considering the type of 'post' for an implant procedure - i.e. OCO, Novel, 3i Biomet - I'm looking to replace a full mouth... READ MORE

What is the Best Method for Permanent Hair Removal on Eyebrows?

I had LHR done on other parts of my face - which wasn't permanent - and they would touch my eyebrow area - is there any method that can be used for the eyebrows for... READ MORE

Dental Checkups After Implants/fixed Bridges. How Should I Go About This?

A year ago I got 10 dental implants w/full fixed bridges (top/bottom) do I need to see a dentist regularly and if so, how do I find one that is willing to work w/me if they... READ MORE