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Avoiding Infection at Surgical Incision Sites

Hello. I am scheduled to have a breast lift within two weeks (!) and I was wondering what is the best way to avoid infection. When you check out these plastic surgery... READ MORE

Can This Pock Mark on my Nose Even Be Treated?

SO I've seen one derm and one plastic surgeon about this pock mark on my nose. I was wondering what your opinions are. It's about 2.0 mm long and 1.0 mm deep. I am of... READ MORE

How Would You Treat Ice Pick Scars on an Indian Female? (photo)

My acne has calmed down, as I am now 26. What I am left with is plenty of ice pick scars. I have done several microderm treatments, and eight Skin Medica Peels. Is this the... READ MORE

Any Options for Improvement of Knee Scar on Indian Female? (photo)

Hello again doctors. Here is a scar I received during a bike ride as a 12-year-old. Unlike most of my scars, this one is hypo-pigmented. Any tips on improving its appearance? I... READ MORE

Is There ANY Potential of Burning/blistering with CO2 Laser? Are my Acne Scars Suitable for Treatment with a CO2 Laser? (photo)

I would love to improve the appearance of my acne scars. Some doctors are telling me subcision + fillers are the best answers, others are recommending the CO2 laser. I am... READ MORE

Nose job for Asian Indian Female--lots of conflicting opinions from surgeons. What would you do? (photo)

I have been looking for a plastic surgeon in Columbus, OH to perform a nose job on me. I am overwhelmed because I like all the doctors I have met but they all seem to have... READ MORE

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God bless you. I hope you get better. READ COMMENT

Sounds like sciatica. I had it myself (not from booty implants... I wish!). It occurs when there is pressure on the sciatic nerve. It's definitely something you should see your doc about sooner than later. I ended up having surgery to... READ COMMENT