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Fat transfer to nose?

Had revision rhinoplasty and ended up with some deformity in the columella b/c doc left suture in and I had an infection and it ate some of the cartilage in the columella and... READ MORE

What does it mean when your doctor won't give you the pics taken of your nose and the projected results and actual results?

I asked my doctor who performed my revision rhinoplasty pictures of my nose, several times, and I never get them. Does he know the results were not good and is afraid? I don't... READ MORE

Pros and cons of fat injection in the nose?

What are the pros and cons of having fat injected into your nose to help with indentation and widening the sides of nose? And also under the scar of the open nasal surgery as... READ MORE

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Do you know about any fat being put into the nose to reshape it causing problems? I don't know what to do. READ COMMENT

My dr. wants to put fat in my nose to fill the indentations (because he removed cartilage from a previous surgery that he wasn't supposed to. He 'forgot'. It's probably because he doesn't listen. I have heard the same about fat and... READ COMMENT

Why not fillers? I was going to do that. READ COMMENT

I've got news for you. Your new nose does not look fake, scooped out or awful. You look beautiful and this is coming from the biggest critic in the world. What is happening is a sort of mourning process. Believe me, your nose is quite... READ COMMENT

Yes it does change your life. I went to a dr.when I was young and asked him if he was board certified,(he got angry) and then he said yes, looked at his pics and said the noses looked worse and he said they weren't his and I stupidly... READ COMMENT