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Juvederm Injection, Split Between Lips and Nasolabia Lines - San Francisco, CA

I decided to get Juvederm XC because I did not have enough money to get Juvederm Voluma to my whole face because doctors say I need at least 2 syringes for my hollow cheeks. So, I will do that Later. Anyway, for this procedure I bought a Groupon for Juvederm Ultra Plus XC at 529 plus I had a Discount code for $50 off so I paid $479. I was planning on putting it on my cheeks but it turned out... READ MORE

Undereye Hollows Filled with Restylane

2 syringes of Restylane under my eyes. Overall good experience and good Results, I should have done this years ago!! Because I was late and they still squeezed me in, the Nurse numbed me for shorter than was supposed to maybe 10 min, and it was still not very painful. it was only painful when she pressed the eye to distribute the filler. She uses a needle/not a micro cannula. So she did a few... READ MORE

Story Update

33 yr old mom of 4, almosy done saving for implants.

Breast Implants

20 Feb 2017, Created 7 months ago

I have been waiting to grow boobs since I was twelvE and it never happened. Actually, it happened when i had my kids and I was bresatfeeding, but now I'm back to square one again. I have settled into a thin/petite shape and I still don't feel confident because I feel like a 12-yr old boy. People... READ MORE

Story Update

Tired of my nose hump and no chin giving me an ugly profile


20 Feb 2017, Created 7 months ago

I have been wanting rhinoplasty since I finished high school, my nose looked okay until I lost my baby fat and I ow have a thinner face than wen I was a teen, so my nose himp is very bony and protruding. The jump even looks sharp from some angles. I hate how I look in profile photos with a... READ MORE

Questions from Sportylad88

Am I a good candidate for upper blepharoplasty? Are there eyelid fillers I can use? (photos)

I am seriously hating how much older I look with my drooping eyelids. I look sleepy all the time and I am not, I am a very active person. I hate the way my eye corners droop... READ MORE

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Hi there, my last 2 photos I just added were the ones without a filter. :) READ COMMENT

There was a receptionist who had had the work done 2 weeks prior and her eyes looked super swollen still, my swelling went down way sooner than two weeks, and so did the bruises. I think the supplements helped with the bruising/swelling. READ COMMENT

Good question, I forgot to include this in my review! I had actually read up on supplements prior to this and bought some Bromelain tablets and Arnica tablets online. And I took those starting the day before my appointment until two... READ COMMENT

Thank you! I feel much better now. READ COMMENT

Hi, did the injections hurt? How much does he charge per syringe? READ COMMENT