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Too Good to Be True, Neck/Chin/Jaw Area Laser Lipo

So far so good. I had Lipotherme laser lipo done yesterday.A few quick notes:It is a painful experience, but more so mentally. The physical pain is not unbearable by any means, it is the time on the table that started to get too me. So I talked through the whole procedure because I am a nervous talker. Anyways, when I was initially numbed it hurt.The noise made by the cannula and... READ MORE

Questions from lostindc

Compression Garment and Swelling After Laser Lipo in Chin/Neck

I am 4.5 weeks postop from Chin/Neck Lipo. When I do not wear my compression garment as tight or as often my neck has more of a slope to it. When I wear my garment tight... READ MORE

Will Weight Loss and Gain After Neck Lipo Affect the Results?

How does weight loss and gain after neck lipo affect the results? For instance, I lose 10-12 pounds during the summer for beach time and during the winter I gain the ten... READ MORE

Will Change in Body Fat Percentage Affect my Necklipo Results?

This is a difficult question. When I had lipo done on my neck I was around 13 to 14 percent body fat weighing around 205lbs. I am now 195lbs and 11 to 12 percent body fat. The... READ MORE

Possible to Graph Bone Underneath a Bridge?

I have been missing my number #8 tooth (sporting injury) for roughly 15 years (bridge from #7 to #9). I have been considering an implant. I was wondering if it is possible to... READ MORE

How to Approach Papillary Gingival Recession Around a Bridge?

I have a bridge (#7 to #9 teeth) that has some papilary recession between #8 and #9 and, thus, subsequently a black triangle exists. I am wondering if there is a certain... READ MORE

Stability of a Dental Bridge with Short Root Teeth?

I have a bridge from #7 to #9 teeth (10 yrs now). The previous bridge was five years due injury. The #7 and #9 teeth have short roots due to accident/trauma and braces. The... READ MORE

How is Synthetic or Donor Bone Grafts fastened to the jaw?

I am due for a gum graft and I have some bone loss where a tooth use to be (accident yrs ago and now a bridge). In order to strengthen the area we (perio and I) have discussed... READ MORE

What Happens to Bone Graft if I Do Not Place an Implant for a Few Years?

If I have a bone graft but do not place an implant for 2 to four years what will happen to the area grafted? Will the bone begin to recede in this time period? The socket of... READ MORE

Implant After 20 Years of a Three Unit Dental Bridge?

How difficult is it to have an implant placed (#8 tooth) if there has been a three unit bridge in place for 20 years? What type of bone grafting can be expected (lets assume... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Save Crowns on a Bridge to Make Room for an Implant?

I have a three unit bridge with short rooted but not mobile crowned abutment teeth. I would like an implant in the pontic area but I want to minimize messing with these... READ MORE

Roughly, How Much Does a Block Graft Cost for One Tooth Prior to Implant?

I want to replace a missing tooth that has been replaced with a bridge for a number of years. It is a top front central incisor. How much does a auto block bone graft cost and... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty Plate Removal?

I had a sliding genioplasty roughly a decade ago with Lefort surgery on the upper jaw. Anyways I would like to have the genioplasty step plate removed because of pretty... READ MORE

Implant for Each Missing Maxillary Incisor Tooth?

In the future, I will likely lose my maxillary central and lateral incisors due to genetically short roots, braces caused even shorter roots, and one of these front teeth... READ MORE

Any dentists that can inject dermal fillers for black triangles in Maryland region?

I have some tiny black triangles from a dental bridge (really long time ago accident). I want to get these black triangles regularly filled with dermal fillers. Is there a... READ MORE

Non-surgical treatment of big black triangles in bridge area? (photo)

I recently had a gum graft surgery using my own tissue where I have a bridge from #7-#9 teeth (injury many yrs ago). The surgery was not only a failure it made my gum line... READ MORE

Screw and Plate Removal from Chin, should I use a plastic surgeon or oral maxiofacial surgeon? Is this procedure difficult?

I have hardware (5 screws and plate) in my chin from genioplasty 12 years ago. The hardware has been bothering me ALOT for a while and it has been suggested I remove. Should I... READ MORE

Need a doctor for fat transfer to my calves in Maryland/DC/Virginia area

Hi I am looking for a very capable and confident doctor to do a fat transfer to my calves and ankles. So if anyone is or knows of a capable plastic surgeon that has done this... READ MORE

Who are the best doctors in the U.S. for fat transfer to the calves?

Can the professionals tell me who is/are the best doctors in the U.S. for fat transfer to the calves? Is there a doctor that stands out to you as notable for a track record of... READ MORE

Any doctors in the US capable of doing Ankle and Calf Fat Transfer?

I am really in need of a doctor that is competent and capable of doing an ankle and calf fat transfer. Can you please list a name of a doctor capable of doing this technique... READ MORE

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Sorry just saw this. I was roughly 17 percent body fat, rather strong, etc. I just store my body fat on chin and the waste. We are now a over 5 years past the procedure and everything looks great. I feel like it got much better each... READ COMMENT

UPDATES? I am considering doing the same procedure with perhaps the same doctor. How are you doing? Is the fat still in place? Anything you can share with us? Thanks READ COMMENT

UPDATES? I am considering doing the same procedure with perhaps the same doctor. How are you doing? Is the fat still in place? Anything you can share with us? Thanks READ COMMENT

Many years later (three years) I could not be happier with the result. The area I had treated has done nothing but improve. READ COMMENT

So sorry I have not visited the forum in a long time. As far as how I am doing now...well great. The surgery was a great success. I am just hoping the results stay for a very long time. The only aftereffects are a little stiffness... READ COMMENT