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Questions from Neurotica

Can Fillers or Fat Be Injected into the Neck or Ankles?

I am a thin (5'3", 115 lb.) I'm 39 year old woman. I've always had bony ankles, and even though my weight has not changed in ten years, my neck has become, how shall I... READ MORE

Can I Have Hyaluronic Acid and Sculptra at the Same Time?

I won a free session of Sculptra at a plastic surgery seminar. The doctor said he would like to inject along my cheekbones. However its been 8 months since I've had... READ MORE

What is Fat Harvesting and How is It Done?

Some doctors on this website have said that the fat obtained by tumescent liposuction is not re-usable. So then how do they get the fat out? Is fat harvesting a way of... READ MORE

Can Liposonix Be Used on the Thighs?

The Liposonix website demonstrates its use on the abdomen. But is there anyone (in Europe) using it "off-label" on the thighs and hips, flanks, etc? READ MORE

Why is the Juvederm Lasting So Long?

I've had Juvederm put in my upper lip over two years ago in Sept '10, and in my tear troughs in Feb '11, AND IT"S STILL THERE. And, it looks exactly the same. I asked the... READ MORE

How is the Y-Lift Different Form a "Liquid Facelift"?

The Y Lift® procedure, according to Dr trokel's website,: "is performed using a specialized titanium instrument which is inserted beneath the skin and then maneuvered ... READ MORE

Does the Trademarked 'LazerLift' Really Work?

How about as just an alternative for a woman in her 40's that only needs a mini facelift, or not quite even that yet. READ MORE

Recent comments from Neurotica

Are you sure you put the right aount that you paid? $270? One syringe is more than that. And one vial which is three syringes costs close to a $1000. And usually nobody gets less than two syringes. So I'm thinkin you left a zero... READ COMMENT

Amy Amy , the doctor asked you, "Was he a boarded Plastic surgeon?" and you replied "Yes he is!" But the name of the doctor you supplied is not! He is a dermatologist. READ COMMENT

If you ask me the best thing to help the scar to be flat is to massage the scar. I used my fingernails - sort of like kneeding dough - to workout the lumps. The way you did it was the opposite. You applied sheets and dressings and... READ COMMENT

Why would you let someone who messed you up even touch you again? A Beverly Hills doctor charges like $10,000 for a breast lift - Didn't you think there was something fishy about charging only $2,500? I guess you get what you pay... READ COMMENT

Why would you combine the two different types of lipo? Could you please try to explain to a layman what the advantage is? READ COMMENT