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No More Snoring For Me - Duluth, GA

I always knew I had a deviated septum (runs in my family) - in addition to or as a result of a crooked nose (swooping to the left)- but it never presented any physical problems until my late 40's. In 2006 I took up treadmill running, doing about 3 miles a day, and even though I was healthy otherwise I always felt like I could not get enough air - and I do not have asthma and have never... READ MORE

Good Result for Sagging Face, I'm Happy - Duluth, GA

I suffered a minor soft tissue injury to the left side of my face 8 years ago. Over time and with aging, the left side of my face from the cheek down was visibly sagging more and faster than the right side of my face, which did not suffer an injury. So this year at age 51 I decided to do something about the problem left side. I could not afford, and did not want, invasive surgery. My only goal... READ MORE

Zerona Has Zero Results on Love Handles, Waste of Money in Atlanta

I put on 12 pounds between ages 48 and 50, so this year at age 51 I decided to treat myself to a safe procedure that would reduce the love handles I developed when I turned 50. I found a Zerona provider and took advantage of their end of year "sale" with $500 off their regular prices. I was measured and weighed before treatments, then measured and weighed again after my last (6th)... READ MORE

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Beautiful results! You're right, 50 sucks. I will be 58 this year and am reading reviews regularly. I want to find a doctor here in the south that has consistently good results. I used to swear I would never have anyone touch my... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the tip! I lift, and have been thinking about Voluma (Volumna?) as a sort of stop gap until I feel ready for surgery. I am 10 years older than you, btw... but we have a lot in common. :-) READ COMMENT

It's amazing how well you healed.... and I am fascinated by the vertical part of your LBL. You are right it is unusual, and I appreciate a doctor who can think outside the box. It seemed to be exactly the right approach for you. ... READ COMMENT

Sorry, I was just trying to sympathize with your lingering discomfort. I think it's amazing what you have done to turn things around for yourself. I do know how that feels, just on a smaller scale. I'm sure you will be able to fine... READ COMMENT

This is really an inspiration. Like you I was heavy in high school, lost it, and started working out with weights later in life. It is SO annoying that my lower half does not match my upper half. I had a tummy tuck in 1992, but the... READ COMMENT