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Coping As a Newly Slim Person

My life as an obese child and teenager was truly miserable looking back on it 30 years later. I had no self esteem and no sense of self worth. I learned to live with this affliction, thinking there was no hope to my wieght issues. So I accepted it and in that action found the strength to carrie on with life and be happy . I accepted the fact that I most likely would never marry or have the... READ MORE

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Hi There Everyone who has this operation will have thier stomach stretch back to some point. It depends how much and how long you push it. You can tell that you are stretching it out when you are able to eat and keep down more. Anyone... READ COMMENT

When I had my operation the surgeon worned me that I would probably have bowel issues for the rest of my life, and would most likely at some point need my gall bladder removed. I never suffered with anything except cronic constipation... READ COMMENT

1989 was the year I had my operation. I am going on 25 years and still over a hundred pounds lighter than I was. Mostly because of my size I am able to move around and burn energy rather than storing it now. My problem was that there... READ COMMENT

Well let me tell you! I live in Manitoba Canada. When we are sick we go see a doctor. Money? Why should that be a factor when in need. I do not understand how people can survive without health care. I do not see a doctor often but... READ COMMENT

What a beautiful thing to say. Sometimes you just need an ear and a kind soul to feel and see what another is going through. We all have issues they are just different and it is warming to see a community outside my little world. Thanx... READ COMMENT