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I am so thankful I looked into this before i had it done. I had the consultation appt, I did get to speak with the doctor b/c i told them I wasn't signing up for anything until I spoke to him. Like I said earlier, they said they had... READ COMMENT

Has anyone had experience with Dr Diaz in the Huntersville,NC office. he seemed very nice, i had to ask though to speak with him b/c i had medical questions that the "assistant" could not answer such as should this be done if you are... READ COMMENT

As a nurse, do you think they should have known what remicade was? I called the 800 number from a TV commercial, I told the guy on the phone that I had just had stints put in my heart in August, & have several other health problems... READ COMMENT

But will you have to pay again when you go in to correct the lumps? I had my consultation on Dec 28, then I started doing my research and have decided to not to go through with it. I had told them i would have to wait at least a year,... READ COMMENT

Have you heard anything else about Morgan? Is she OK. that was my other concern b/c i am on remicade so i am high risk for infections which i told them, they said infections were rare. I explained to the in Aug after I had two stints... READ COMMENT