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Afraid Your Dream Nose Will Look Like a Nose Job Nose? - New York, NY

Hi there. Ok, so I have posted so many things here lately as my anxiety mounts and its easier to talk here than to my family/friends/fiance. I had a rhinoplasty 4 days ago (July 31, 2013). I was really on the fence about doing this, but had seen several doctors over a 10 year period. I am a pretty girl I guess, (maybe moreso in my 20's) and many people were angry that I wanted to change my... READ MORE

Drooping Eyebrows. Will They Stay Like This?

I am 32 and I had Botox for the horizontal lines on my forehead and frown lines 1 week ago. While my frown lines are perfect, and my forehead is smooth as a baby's, my eyebrows have dropped significantly.I told the physician (who is a family member making this a delicate issue)that I only wanted the top creases of my forehead done. I was told that I would have complete movement of my brows.... READ MORE

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Have You Smoked Before Rhinoplasty and Lived to Tell the Tale?! Or Were You Smited Down?

I was / am a smoker. I was meant to have surgery 3 weeks ago by a very reputable doctor, but I flipped out after visiting a board like and read up on harms of smoking. So, I... READ MORE

Tell Me the Facts: Rhinoplasty and Smoking?

Ok, I KNOW that you CANNOT smoke before rhinoplasty. I "quit" 2 weeks ago, but cheated a few times, which is a VAST improvement from my 1 pack a day habit. I feel like maybe I... READ MORE

Black Blood in One Nostril: Smoking?

I had my closed rhino 3 days ago. I quit smoking 2.5 weeks before the surgery and my PS was comfortable with proceeding. After the surgery I bled a bit more than I expected.... READ MORE

Could Drainage PO Be Necrosis or From Smoking?

Hi. I stopped smoking 2.5 weeks before surgery, and "cheated" here and there. The Park Ave. DR knew all about this and cleared me for surgery. I bled a bit more than I would... READ MORE

Only One Half of Nasal Tip Numb? (photo)

Is it normal for only one half of the nasal tip to be numb after rhinoplasty? The side where there is numbness also had a lot more bleeding, and a lot more bloody "crusting". I... READ MORE

Swelling Between Eyebrows, What Do You Think? (photo)

Hi! I had a closed rhinoplasty 7 days ago and now I have hard cyst-like, pea-sized swelling in between my eyebrows and running along the side ridges to my nose. I look like an... READ MORE

Hematoma after Juvederm in lips -- OR -- Uneven injections?

I just had Juvederm injected into my lips in 5 injection sites. Two on the right on the top lip, one for the R and one for the centre. Immediately after doing the right it... READ MORE

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Have You Smoked Before Rhinoplasty and Lived to Tell the Tale?!

Hi everyone! I REALLY hope someone out there has been in my shoes and has gone through with rhinoplasty. I was / am a smoker and I was meant to have surgery 3 weeks ago by a... READ MORE

Splint tightness?

I am on day 4 of rhinoplasty and as I progress my nose splint (external splint) is feeling tighter and tighter. Anyone else have this? Thanks!   READ MORE

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Thanks for posting! Did you have uneven swelling? one part of my lip (upper right) is SO swollen it looks like he gave me a double dose there! Did everything even out? READ COMMENT

Thanks AliEllie! Yes, my nose is VERY still and sore! The dr. said that that was the swelling. I mean, I feel like Rudolph, I can feel all the fluid in there, and its stiff as a rock! READ COMMENT

I usually do the Master Cleanse. But this time I tried that Isagenix thing. I am sure it is absolutely awful for long term maintenance, BUT, I just need to look skinny for a reunion on Tuesday - Friday. I've dropped 5 lbs already and... READ COMMENT

Did he want to do more and you wanted to air on the side of caution. That's what happened to me. Does your Dr. say that it's swelling? READ COMMENT

I thought it was, but I was nervous about him doing too much to the tip, he said he just adjusted it a little bit, and he did do something, because there are stiches in there, but it looks bulbous now!!! I think its my fault for telling... READ COMMENT