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Juvederm Under Eyes on Darker Skin

I recently had juvederm to fill some of the hollowing underneath my eyes. This was two weeks ago. I now have a bluish-grey tinge underneath each eye, which seemed to have become more noticable about a week after the initial treatment (once the swelling went down, and it's down to my cheek over one. I have read many of the posts on here to try to self-diagnose and calm my anxieties. I have also... READ MORE

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Removing Discoloration After Juvederm Injection on Darker Skin?

Hello, I received a Juvederm injection under my eyes 3 weeks ago. One week later, I noted a perpetual blue-brown pooling/circle like ring around one eye. And more like a line... READ MORE

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Removal of Juvederm

I have several complications from my juvederm injection -tydall or possibly hyperpigmentation/hemosiderin staining and am considering removal. The juvederm seems to have... READ MORE

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Hi K, w/r/t to hemosiderin staining, I got different lengths of time, although none as much as 9 months. I'm so sorry. Most said I would need to wait at least a month to more like 2-3 months. And 1 said that if it was not hemosiderin... READ COMMENT

Hi, Thanks...I hope so too. I really wish you the best as well. I wanted to note that I have sought out several opinions (you had asked about this before). I'm sorry, sometimes I read through this at work, and am not always able to... READ COMMENT

Hi, I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. The texture might be somewhat different, but not too much, and it's not very least not yet. I think this is actually due to the juvederm, where the Dr. tried to get me more bang... READ COMMENT

Hello, Just an update, because I know that when I was on here before, I often wondered what happened, how were things going and the time frame of improvement...I am now 2 months post-terrible juvederm experience. There is still some... READ COMMENT

Hi, Just as an update, I have not done anything yet about the discoration except seek out a lot of opinions, heat, and some good antioxidatant creams. It's faded -though very little. I do think the vitrase has damaged some of my... READ COMMENT