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Questions from Pianist

Will Previous Non-surgical Nose Job Affect Tip-plasty?

Hi, I have a question. If we decide to "test-drive" our nose by getting a non-surgical Rhinoplasty, would this later complicate in any way the procedure of a future... READ MORE

Is A Non Surgical Nose Procedure Good For A Droopy And Bulbous Tip?

If one has a nasal tip that "droops" when smiling, and is also bulbous, which procedure is best to sharpen the tip or prevent the tip from coming down when smiling? I... READ MORE

LED Red Light at Home Device, How Can I Protect My Eyes While Using This?

There are several at home LED devices that offer "Red" light (as opposed to blue) or a combo of both blue and red light to enhance skin. My question is only for red... READ MORE

What are Potential Problems While Using Retin-A?

I've read that Retin-A or other forms of tretinoin cream when applied to the face can cause "skin cancer" or other undesirable results. How accurate are these... READ MORE

Discussions started by Pianist

Thick skin/Rounded Nose Tip - Open or Closed approach?

I had a question regarding a tip-plasty done under IV sedation..would a thick skinned-rounded nose tip (and you want a triangular tip) best benefit from an open tip-plasty or... READ MORE